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Becoming myself

So I woke up this morning looking like this. It’s really strange considering that just yesterday I was a guy. Now I had two real breasts, my body was much slimmer and the penis that kept me company for 25 years was gone. I wasn’t scared nor I didn’t panic. To be honest I was hoping this would happen. I may have been a guy for 25 years but inside I always felt like a woman. Read more

Sweet revenge

Kyle was plotting his revenge for the past month. He couldn’t forgive his friend, Luke for using the spell that caused him to swap bodies with a woman. Now Kyle was trapped as a hot, horny brunette for the rest of his life. The spell even controled his mind so Kyle acted like the woman whose body he had right now. It was a nightmare, he already slept with a dozen of men and wasn’t about to quit. But now Kyle had the spell and soon he will use it on Luke. Read more

In her panties

“Wha… What the hell is this?” Kyle’s voice was trembling as he was looking at his feminine hands. Just a minute ago he was at home playing on his computer when he suddenly found himself outside. His body felt weird, especially on the chest where he could feel some weight and in his groin area where definitely something was missing. As he looked down he recognized the clothes. The sleevles blouse, the knee lenght skirt the same clothes his english teacher Mrs. Livingstone was wearing in class today. “My God” Kyle said hearing Mrs. Livingstone’s voice comming out of his mouth. Kyle was sure it has to be a dream or some kind of halucinations, there was no way he could be in his teacher’s body. Read more


Martin was really mad that he gave into temptation of using magic. He was mad that he ended up in this place full of sinners but mostly he was mad at himself that he is really starting to enjoy it. Not so long ago Martin was a very religious person. He was going to chruch every day, praising the lord and his will. Martin was on a good way to become a priest in the future but that changed with the cursed book he found in the library. Martin knew that everything involving magic is a sin but he took the book to study it closer. While reading it he stumbled upon a gender changing spell. Martin still doesn’t know what got into him but he read the spell outloud. A gust of wind ran through his room and suddenly Martin turned into a woman. Read more

Wife (awruk88)

Martin awoke to shock. A woman, on a beach. He was no longer a man on his couch. That was an absolute certainty. Then it began flooding back to him. His friend, or former friend made Martin female. A beautiful girl with a slim yet not featureless body and blonde hair. Mia. Martin was hypnotised to be Mia, the girlfriend of his friend.
Martin was furious and the memories kept flooding back. His friends extravagant dinners with Mia which often followed a passionate session in a hotel room. Martin recalled the way that himself as a woman was an expert of walking in heels and wearing make up despite never having any experience before. Then he remembered the marriage.
This was not any day at the beach. It was Mia’s honeymoon following her wedding. Her beautiful wedding were she wore the most elegant white dress. She was so pretty. It disgusted Martin.
However, there was no way out. Martin was Mia, he would never be a male again. He was a woman and the wife of his friend, her husband. It’s time to move on and live the life as the wife of his friend.

A lot to deal with

Larry looked up at the group of teenagers coming to the beach. Their loud and immature behavior was annoying him but then he realized that a month ago he was just like them. But he had grown up in a very short time. He had to since the accident that put him into his neighboor’s body. The 14 years old boy was now a 30 years old woman expecting a child. If he knew that the cursed medalion he found on the street would cause it he would never touched that thing. But it was too late now and he had to deal with his new life and body. Read more

Changes in the household

When Coling found a body swapping remote he came up with a perfect plan. His dad was away for a few days and he was stuck at home with his little step sister and his bitch step mother Melanie. Colin hated that Melanie was bossing him around but with the remote things are going to change in their home. Read more

Some explaining to do

I just came back home when my phone rang. It was my wife, she wanted to meet with me and she sounded very serious. I was wondering what is it about. She couldn’t possibly know that I swapped bodies with her sister, right? On the other hand Angie can be a babbler so it wouldn’t surprise me. Anyway I went to meet my wife immidiately. Read more

Wrong party

“Can you belive it Jared! I look so hot right now” Mike said taking a selfie. His friend Jared looked at him from under his book. “Yeah, you sure do” Jared sighed and went back to reading. Mike put his hand on his slim waist enjoying to have the body of a teenage girl. “Say, would you change anything if you had the chance?” Mike asked. “Well, it’s not like we had anything to say in that matter but I thing i prefere it this way. Being a teenager is nice again however I’m surprised that you are taking it so well” Jared said. “Why shouldn’t I?” Mike asked. “Well… I at least stayed a guy while you are a girl now” Jared pointed out. “Yes, I’m a girl and it feels great” Mike said and took another selfie. Read more