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Changes in the household

When Coling found a body swapping remote he came up with a perfect plan. His dad was away for a few days and he was stuck at home with his little step sister and his bitch step mother Melanie. Colin hated that Melanie was bossing him around but with the remote things are going to change in their home. Read more

Wrong party

“Can you belive it Jared! I look so hot right now” Mike said taking a selfie. His friend Jared looked at him from under his book. “Yeah, you sure do” Jared sighed and went back to reading. Mike put his hand on his slim waist enjoying to have the body of a teenage girl. “Say, would you change anything if you had the chance?” Mike asked. “Well, it’s not like we had anything to say in that matter but I thing i prefere it this way. Being a teenager is nice again however I’m surprised that you are taking it so well” Jared said. “Why shouldn’t I?” Mike asked. “Well… I at least stayed a guy while you are a girl now” Jared pointed out. “Yes, I’m a girl and it feels great” Mike said and took another selfie. Read more

Something is wrong with the neighbor

When Monica came back from work she found her husband John on the couch mumbling to himself “I’m an old black guy, I’m an old black guy”. In their 30 years of marriage she never saw something like this. When she aproached her husband he jumped out of the couch and in complete hysterics begin claiming that he is Alex, the young woman living across the street and that her body was stolen by Monica’s husband. Monica was ready to call for help thinking her husband went crazy but something inside was telling her she should at least check on her neighboors just to make sure her husband didn’t do anything stupid. Read more


It wasn’t easy for Clark to find himself in Erica’s body, especially that everyone around thought it was Clark who stole her body. But that wasn’t true. Clark was only a victim of Erica’s scheme. Read more

Use this opportunity

Finding himself in Mrs. Gillevet body was a lot to deal with for the teenage boy. Luckily for Kyle he wasn’t alone in this, his friend Paul was also struggling in Mr. Gillevet body. Read more

Finding the perfect body

“I told you i can do this” Luke smiled from his co worker’s body. “Ho…How were you able to do that?” Brittany was clearly surprised to suddenly find herself in a male’s body. “It’s my secret power. I was able to swap bodies since i was a kid” Luke said. “Ok i belive you. Now swap us back” Brittany demanded. “You see, the problem is i don’t want to” Luke smiled. “What do you mean you don’t want to? Swap us back” Brittany shouted. “For all my life i’ve been swapping with diffirent people, trying out their lives but none of it seemed so satisfy me. But your body is diffirent. I feel so great, so natural like it was supposed to be mine” Luke said admiring his new cleavage. “There is no way i’m giving you my body” Brittany was angry. Luke sat on the cupboard and smoothed his dress. He looked at Brittany and smiled. “And what are you going to do? If you tell someone nobody is going to belive you. You’re going to end up in a mental hospital” Luke said. He jumped off the cupboard and went closer to Brittany who stood there shocked by the whole situation. “Don’t worry, you will adjust to your new body.” He said stroking her cheek. “Now excuse me, i have to get familiar with your wonderfull body” He said and left Brittany alone.

Divorce gift

It’s finally time to take revange on my ex wife. After the divorce she took everything from me. My car, my house, my reputation and most importantly my two years old son. I’ve prepared everything and send her a small gift, a coin that will help me get everything back. She just needs to touch it and then the magic will work. I’m sure she already recived it, i just need to wait. Read more

New life.

I had my body stolen by a prostitute I picked up one night on my way home from work. Read more

Break up

I’m sorry about this James but it was the only way i could get back to being a guy. I really feel terrible for stealing your body. You were so nice to me but in order to lift the curse i had to trully fell in love with someone. Its also hard for me but i was stuck in a girl’s body for 20 years. Can you imagine suddenly becoming a 5 year old girl? You can hate me now but what choice do i have. We had some amazing moments together and i will recall them for the rest of my life but now it’s time we part away. I truly loved you but it’s better that we go our separate ways. I hope you quickly adjust to this body, you’re really beautiful and smart so you won’t have a problem with finding someone else. Take care of this body, i sure will take good care of yours. Oh, and just in case if you think about passing the curse on someone else, don’t bother. The curse can be passed to someone you love but it works until your 25th birthday which is tomorrow. I doubt you will find love in one day so it’s better to give up. Good bye James. Have fun in your new life as Erica.