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Not exactly what i had in mind

I guess i screewed up a bit when i found the remote on the middle of the street. The instruction on its back claimed its a magic remote, capable of swapping peoples bodies. There was no way i could waste such ocassion, i had to try it. As a target i took my older brother. It wasn’t because i wanted to be him, its because of his wife Angela. She was so beautiful, i always envied my brother for having a wife like her. If swapping bodies with my brother could mean a one night with Angela i was willing to try it, just to feel her soft skin. Read more

My niece Amy (part 1)

It all started when I attended a wedding. I was happy to see so many of my relatives. Everybody from my cousin Melanie, to my niece Amy were there. It had been years since I last saw Amy, I couldn’t believe she was all grown up. I think she must now be about 19 or 20 years old. When we were both younger I used to play board games with her. I always let her win, which used to bring a big smile on her face. Read more

Let’s keep it this way

“So… Have you been enjoying our family vacations?” Emily smiled at her uncle Mike. Before the whole family went on vacations together Emily and Mike decided to check out what their life would look like as each other so they went to the body swap clinic. After a few days they knew it was a great idea. Emily liked being a handsome man and picking up women while Mike enjoyed the body of a lovely, teenage girl and the attention he recived from boys. Read more

Taken by surprise

“You got anything?” Robert asked hoping for good news but by the look on his brother’s face he knew there won’t be any. “Sorry bro, the police didn’t found anything” Carl said shaking his head. “So it looks like i’m stuck like this” Robert sighted looking at the body of his niece which he was now in. “I’m really sorry. I can’t belive my daughter did this to you, we didn’t raise her like that” Carl couldn’t find the words to apologize for what his daughter did. “It’s fine. No one could predict that” Robert said to his brother. “I know it’s hard but we can live normally if you want to. Me and my wife will gladly accept you as our daughter if you’re willing to be her” Carl put his hand on Robert’s shoulder. “I think it’s worth giving a try” He smiled slightly. Read more