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Becoming myself

So I woke up this morning looking like this. It’s really strange considering that just yesterday I was a guy. Now I had two real breasts, my body was much slimmer and the penis that kept me company for 25 years was gone. I wasn’t scared nor I didn’t panic. To be honest I was hoping this would happen. I may have been a guy for 25 years but inside I always felt like a woman. Read more

Some explaining to do

I just came back home when my phone rang. It was my wife, she wanted to meet with me and she sounded very serious. I was wondering what is it about. She couldn’t possibly know that I swapped bodies with her sister, right? On the other hand Angie can be a babbler so it wouldn’t surprise me. Anyway I went to meet my wife immidiately. Read more

Becoming Jess (@jc123)

Upon leaving the building Joe immidiately begin to regret taking part of this experiment. He thought it could be interesting and fun to try out being a woman for some time but it turned out to be the exact opposite. The breasts that constantly jiggled on his chest wans’t pleasant. Not to mention the empty feeling between his legs was very disturbing. The familiar feeling of his manhood was gone and it bothered him all the way home. Read more

Sooner or later

Luke was looking at his friend for a long moment before he could say anything. Andy really did it, he turned himself to a girl. When Andy told him he’s going to the venus clinic for a full treatment Luke thought it was one of his jokes. Right now Luke found out Andy was saying the truth. Read more

Curiousity (@barnes18)

“Sorry mom!” Brad immidiately turned away when he found his mother in the living room changing her clothes. “It’s nothing to be ashamed of” His mom chuckled. Brad was ready to leave but his mom asked him to stay. “A woman’s body is a beautiful thing you know” She said. Brad stood facing the door, his face was blushing from embarrassment. “Are you curious how does it feel to have a body like this? To wear feminine clothes?” His mom asked making him feel even more embarrassed. “A little bit” Brad said quietly. “Then how about to try it?” She said. “What do you mean?” Brad turned to his mom. “Come closer dear” His mom said. Read more

Festival in Brazil

Mark always wanted to visit Brazil. He was fascinated by the place and its people. Unfortunately he couldn’t afford it so he lived dreaming about it until one day when he won a ticket for a festival in Brazil. Read more

Complete family part 2 of 3 (@barnes18)

When Brian got home his little sister Annie, who is now his daughter came up to them. “Are you mommmy and daddy now?” She asked with her eyes glowing. “Yes of course” My mom stroked Annie’s hair. “Yay!” She clapped her hands “Will daddy kiss mommy?” She asked. Brian’s mom didn’t hesitate. Brian was to slow to back away and ended up recieving a kiss on the lips. His face blushed red by the sudden act. Annie quickly lost interest and went back to play with her dools. Lindsay went to the living room while Brian stayed in place. He realized he has no idea what to do. Since being a grown up woman and a mother associated with a lot of responsibilities he couldn’t do the stuff he enjoyed as a teen. He needed to find new activities in his free time. Read more

The begining of something bigger

“I know you needed a model but why exactly it had to be me?” Brian asked his sister. “Why not?” Kelly shrugged her shoulders and got back to take another picture. “Why it can’t be any of your friends?” Brian asked again. “Because none of them looks good enough” Kelly said with a hint of irritation in her voice. “You have a medalion that can change people! You changed your own brother into a stunning woman!” Brian said looking down at his feminine body. Kelly put away her camera, she was getting really annoyed by her brother’s complaining. “Listen Brian if you don’t want to help then say it, but we both know you’re enjoying it” Kelly said. “To be honest? This body is quite amazing and the dress material feels nice against my soft skin” Brian smiled to himself. Read more

Aron’s dream

Shock and excitment rolled up together when Aron changed into a beautiful woman. It was his secret desire since he could remember. He always wanted to expirience it, to be able to walk in heels and pretty dresses, to have breasts and long beautifull hair and to be adored by men. He knew that no kind of surgery would make his dream come true so he just keep dreaming and waiting for a miracle. Read more