Some explaining to do

I just came back home when my phone rang. It was my wife, she wanted to meet with me and she sounded very serious. I was wondering what is it about. She couldn’t possibly know that I swapped bodies with her sister, right? On the other hand Angie can be a babbler so it wouldn’t surprise me. Anyway I went to meet my wife immidiately.

When I reached the place my wife guided me to our backyard. I sat down crossing my legs in a feminine matter and asked what did she wanted to talk about. I tried to keep my image, pretending to be Angie. My wife went straight to the point and asked me if I’m her husband. I knew that I won’t be able to hide it anymore so I told her the truth.

I told her everything about the medalion I bought on our latest trip. She knew which medalion I was talking about. I was supposed to swap with her at first but when I told her about it she laughed and then made an argument that I’m spending money on some stupid junk, beliveing it has some magical powers. I was quite embarrased back then so I hid the medalion somewhere among my stuff.

I almost forgot about that thing but then my sister in law, Angie came over our house and asked for the medalion. I wasn’t surprised she knew. My wife probably told her already since they were chatting very often. Angie was really curious if it’s true. She always wanted to try being someone else, especially a guy. I took a carefull look at Angie’s body. I thought to myself that swapping bodies with her could be interesting so I went to search for the medalion. When I found it we both touched it at the same time and soon we found ourselves staring at our own bodies from eachothers perspective.

It worked. It really worked and I wished that my wife could see it. Angie however suggested to keep it a secret for now, at least for a few days since my wife could be against the body swap and could try to force us to swap back. After giving ourselves a few hints about our daily life I went to Angie’s house to expirience her life.

I must say that I really loved it. I don’t know why but when I was a woman I felt complete, like all this time something was missing in my life. I loved to dress up pretty and feel good about my look. I loved when the guys were staring at me and how nice some of them acted hoping to get a date with me. Angie felt the same. She loved being strong and masculine so we both decided to extend our swap. And so, what should be a week is lasting three months now. We both like being eachother and we both agree to keep extending the swap.

My wife didn’t take it very well. She was freaking out that her husband is a woman now and that the man she was sleeping with was actually her sister. She demanded me to swap back right away and went to look for the real Angie. I watched as she dissapears in the house. I took a deep breath and slowly released the air from my lungs. She didn’t take it well and I doubt she will react any better when she finds out we won’t be swapping back since we got rid of the medalion a week ago.


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