Absent minded old woman

Tom was spending the summer at his aunt’s.

Who was a practicing witch with a terrible memory for spells and always seem to get the simplest things wrong.

So when she tried to conjure up a nice cup of tea and a slice of cake she accidentally turned her nephew into a female version of himself especially since his aunt had no idea how to turn him back but she had 6 weeks before he went back to his parents.

Tom on the other hand was highly annoyed he did not want to spend the summer in a girl’s body especially according to his aunt he was a fully functioning one which meant he definitely would have to experience one visit from mother nature is she could not turn him back quick enough.

She told him not to worry as she got some of her old clothes out of the closet and told him he might as well go and enjoy himself and experience the world from a female perspective which he saw as little help.

After a hot and sticky day trying to get used to his new body he thought he would go and take a relaxing bath which turned out to be a big mistake in some ways as his male brain still got turned on by seeing his female body in the mirror which led to him exploring himself and experiencing the most pleasurable thing he had ever done in this life as he lay in the warm water playing with himself.

Thinking being stuck in a young woman’s body for the next 6 weeks might not be all that bad as he squealed with delight.

(reupload of caption by Count-Orlok2)


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