The begining of something bigger

“I know you needed a model but why exactly it had to be me?” Brian asked his sister. “Why not?” Kelly shrugged her shoulders and got back to take another picture. “Why it can’t be any of your friends?” Brian asked again. “Because none of them looks good enough” Kelly said with a hint of irritation in her voice. “You have a medalion that can change people! You changed your own brother into a stunning woman!” Brian said looking down at his feminine body. Kelly put away her camera, she was getting really annoyed by her brother’s complaining. “Listen Brian if you don’t want to help then say it, but we both know you’re enjoying it” Kelly said. “To be honest? This body is quite amazing and the dress material feels nice against my soft skin” Brian smiled to himself.

When Brian’s sister asked him to change into a woman and model for her project Brian hesitated but eventually his curiousity took over him. Now he was posing for his sister while she was taking the shots. Brian was hoping that after this is over she will let him keep this body for a while. He never thought about becoming a woman but when his sister changed him he begin to feel quite comfortable with his sexy body.

After the session Brian went to meet his friend and show him his new body. His friend was amazed how good Brian looked and asked him out as a joke. Brian knew it was for fun but he decided to play along and agreed. Back then none of them realized that what was supposed to be a joke will turn into a serious relationship ending with them getting married and starting a family in the future.


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