Curiousity (@barnes18)

“Sorry mom!” Brad immidiately turned away when he found his mother in the living room changing her clothes. “It’s nothing to be ashamed of” His mom chuckled. Brad was ready to leave but his mom asked him to stay. “A woman’s body is a beautiful thing you know” She said. Brad stood facing the door, his face was blushing from embarrassment. “Are you curious how does it feel to have a body like this? To wear feminine clothes?” His mom asked making him feel even more embarrassed. “A little bit” Brad said quietly. “Then how about to try it?” She said. “What do you mean?” Brad turned to his mom. “Come closer dear” His mom said.

Brad waited for a bit curious what his mom was up to. She came back a moment later with her lingerie and clothes. “Here, try it on” She said giving him the clothes. Brad was surprised his mom really wants him to wear her clothes. He looked at the panties in his hands, thinking if he should do it. “I’ll turn away” His mom smiled. Brad quickly took off his clothes and put on his mom’s panties.

“How does it feel” Brad’s mom asked. “Pretty normal” Brad said. “Here, let me help you with the rest” She said taking the bra. Brad’s mom helped him with the rest of her clothes. Soon Brad was wearing her bra, pantyhose, blouse, skirt and high heels. She then gave him a wig and made his make up. Brad was really surprised his mom was doing all of this, like she knew about his secret desire to become an adult woman.

Looking at her son she smiled. “Do you feel feminine?” She asked. “A little bit” Brad replied. “I have an idea. How about we go to the change clinic so you could become my twin for a week or two” His mom asked. Brad couldn’t belive it. He always wondered how it is to be a woman and now he will have the chance to expirience it. “Sure” Brad said without hesitation.

Soon they were on the way to the clinic. All this time Brad was sneaking glances at his mom. He wondered how it feels to have a big, round butt or wide hips like hers. Her breasts were big, were they heavy? How to deal with them bouncing with each step. Not to mention that soon he will have a vagina. It will be so weird not having a penis. Brad will get his answers soon. As they stopped before the clinic Brad took a deep breath. “Here it goes” Brad stepped inside, ready to become an adult woman.


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