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Book in the attic

I had recently found the book in the attic. I read the first line, and saw my pants become a short black skirt. “I can’t believe this works” I said. I read the next line, and my shirt changed into a white blouse. I continued reading, my socks disappeared, and my shoes became heels. “This is quite uncomfortable” I said. “ok ok, next line”, then earings appeared on my ears. Read more

Sent to a New School 2: Looking for Results

I was slated to leave for this new school only 2 days after my appointment with the doctor. Needless to say, it was emotional. It being a boarding school, I had to say goodbyes to all my friends and family with incredibly short notice. Worse yet, our term lasted into early august. I might be back for a week before everybody left for college. My band was bummed, but tried to make light of it. “Damn, we just lost our main attraction. We might need to hold auditions for a chick just to get somebody who can hit your notes, haha.” I winced. If I hadn’t caught this sooner, they wouldn’t have needed to bother. Read more

Give In

“I… I’ve got to stop touching it… but… MMmmmhhm… it feels too good,” you moan. With each pump and squeeze of your flushed cock you know you’re giving in, growing more and more feminine. But you can’t stop; a growing part of you doesn’t want to. Read more

Sent to a new school

Watching your parents get divorced is tough. Mine split while I was 13, and I hated it. But after a while, you stop wanting them to get back together, and just want them to be happy with somebody. My mom didn’t take long to do just that, but my dad was really beat up over the whole thing. It wasn’t until my junior year of high school that he finally met Courtney, who would eventually become my step-mom. Read more


“Follow my orders or I’ll leak the photos.”
Andrew sat in horror as he read the email. A hacker had accessed his laptop camera and emailed him hundreds of photos of him masturbating, having sex with his girlfriend, and even cheating on his girlfriend. In one email was enough ammunition to ruin his entire life. He pulled out his phone and texted the number in the email, as instructed.
“Okay, what do you want?”
“There is a package outside your door.”
Andrew walked to the front door and, sure enough, a package waited for him. Inside was a thermos and a note, “Drink this and text me when you’re done.”
“Okay I drank it, what’s next?”
“Nothing, I’ll contact you again tomorrow.”
For months the commands were more or less the same. After a few weeks the thermoses began to come more often and, before he knew it, Andrew was drinking them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The affects of the liquid was subtle at first. He struggled to get an erection, eventually prompting his girlfriend and mistress to leave him, and his muscle definition faded. However the changes quickly became much more drastic. Breasts began to form, his hips widened, his fast softened, his body hair faded, and his dick shrank to an unrecognizable state. He wanted to stop, he wanted to lie and just tell his captor that he was drinking them, but he found himself addicted. Without the drinks he felt headaches, withdraws. So instead he wore hoodies and baggier clothes. Today, however, the package was different. Inside was not only the typical thermos but also a makeup pallet.
“Don’t wear it in public, just practice,” the texts said. So he did. More months passed and Andrew had become an expert at applying makeup. Full breasts had developed by now, forcing him to wear a sports bra alongside his hoodie. His ass was huge and his figure was undeniably feminine. His hair had grown fairly long and his lips were much puffier than before. Unless someone where to take his pants off, he appeared to be a female through and through.
On the two year anniversary of the email, a special package appeared. Inside was pink lingerie.
“Put this on, put on some make-up, and Skype me.”
Andrew did as he was told. He spent extra time getting ready, making sure his boobs looked nice and his makeup was good. He posed across the mattress making sure to show off his new figure. He was almost excited to meet the man who took his life from him. Almost a Stockholm syndrome affect.
The screen came to life and Andrew was almost overwhelmed with emotion.
“Hi daddy,” he purred in a voice he had been rehearsing. It dripped of sex.
“Hello,” the man said, difficult to see on the screen.
Andrew slipped back the top on one of his breasts, letting a nipple reveal itself. “I’m so horny daddy.”
“Don’t worry Andi, I’ll be over soon.”
What Andrew had worked so hard to prevent had happened. He was ruined, gone from this Earth. Luckily, Andi’s life was just begining.

New Roomate

Combing through a local newspaper I was surprised to discover an advertisement looking for a roommate. The rent was incredibly low and I was desperate to find a place to stay after graduating college. I met up with the guy posting the ad, Paul, and to be honest he seemed pretty creepy. He promised to keep to himself, though, and I couldn’t turn down such a great price, so I moved in. Read more

one, two, three…

Robert walked into the empty room where his neighboor Tom was waiting. The room was plain white, without any furniture. He came closer to the teenage boy, staring ahead and wearing nothing but a black, lace bra and panties, which looked ridiculous on him. Robert snapped his fingers before Tom’s face. “Good” he said when there was no reaction form Tom.
“Now tell me, what is your name?”
“Rachel” Tom said while his voice changed.
“How old are you?”
“Thirty” Tom’s face became older
“Are you a boy or a woman?”
“I’m a woman” The bulge in Tom’s panties dissapered and his hips widened.
“Describe your look”
“I have long, dark brown hair. A face of an angel. Firm D-cup breasts. Good figure, shapely and long legs and my skin is smooth as silk” Tom’s hair suddenly grew long. He grew a pair of breasts which nicely filled the cup of his bra. His wais narrowed, his legs reshaped and his skin became smooth.
“Excelent” Robert smiled seeing his creation. “As i count to three you will wake up. You won’t remember being anyone else but Rachel. My loving and faithful wife” He said and Tom snapped out of his trance.
“Now tell me, what is the thing you desire the most?” Robert asked. Rachel embraced him, putting her hand in his butt. “It’s you my love” She said and kissed him on the lips

Bath Oils

It was getting out of hand, at least a part of you knew that, but no matter how much you tried you just couldn’t stop it. The part of you that didn’t want this was each time smaller, weaker. Just how long did you have left? Read more

Sitting Down

I’m surprisingly at peace since the girlflu ran its course. It was scary at first. When I went to the doctor I went in for a sore throat and fatigue, but I didn’t expect to get the news that I’d been infected by a virus that would slowly but surely change my DNA and appearance to that of a womans. Read more