Bath Oils

It was getting out of hand, at least a part of you knew that, but no matter how much you tried you just couldn’t stop it. The part of you that didn’t want this was each time smaller, weaker. Just how long did you have left?

Everything had begun with the arrival of your new neighbour, Samuel.

The guy seemed to be on his thirties at the most, he carried himself with the sort of certainty and confidence that made everyone turn his way when he entered in a room. And considering he’d bought all four apartments on the floor above yours it wasn’t hard to imagine just how sizeable an income he had.

Unfortunately for you, as soon as the papers had been signed, he had decided he wanted to turn the whole floor into a single penthouse unit. Somehow, he managed to get the permits and the signatures needed to do it within less than a week; not that it bothered you… what really had gotten in your nerves was that the water would be cut off between 10 in the morning and 6 in the afternoon, something that for your currently jobless self was quite more bothersome than for the rest of the tenants in the building.

Samuel was quick to apologize as soon as you brought the matter up, and gave you a key of his place so that as long as the construction was going on you’d have free access to the bathroom and water on his apartment to use it as you desired.

At the time, you never did consider it odd that your water would be cut while his remained functional. You were a bit too overwhelmed with the place, more so with the bathroom since it was way bigger than yours… or anyone’s in the building really.

It had started awkwardly, you made your visits only when it was you just couldn’t hold it anymore. The construction crew only glanced your way once as you rushed inside to relieve yourself the first time. Within a couple days they weren’t even paying attention. The bathroom became each time a more welcome visit; the room was practically sound-proof, and there was always a lingering flowery scent in the air that… you couldn’t describe it, but it just made you feel comfortable and calm.

Within a week you were actually looking forward to using it, and you’d never admit to it but every time you’d linger just a little longer than necessary just to get a couple minutes more of that intoxicating aroma. After a quick search one day you sniffed it out, finding the source to be a nondescript bottle filled with a transparent liquid of some sort. As soon as you uncapped it your nostrils flared as the scent hit you like a truck, you breathed it in deeply letting it fill you out, the smell drowning your lungs until you could barely hold it in anymore.

A sliver of embarrassment was what saved you, the thought that you could get caught. Somehow, the idea of just smelling this strange liquid was… erotic, enough so that you had to quickly cork it and rush back to your place so you could relieve yourself, the orgasm particularly intense compared to what you were used to.

You swore yourself you go back there again, the experience having been all too strange and embarrassing for some reason. You managed to hold out until the water came back in the evenings, but each time you’d feel dissatisfied, irritated even, becoming harder and harder to focus on anything. The fact that your nights had begun to feel restless was chipping away at your resolve, feeling every day more tired and somehow just ‘knowing’ that if you smelt the flowery scent it’d all be better again.

In the end, you had managed to last three days before you’d managed to convince yourself it was harmless, just a sniff, what was the worst that could happen? You didn’t even care to seem casual as you rushed into the bathroom that fateful morning, locking the door behind you and breathing in the oil’s scent, your high-strung body suddenly relaxed as a pleasurable erection began to form. You ignored it all and went straight for the bottle, pushing aside your long hair as you leaned in and opened it, breathing it in until you practically choked.

At that point you decided you just HAD to know what this wonderful liquid was and poured a couple drops into your fingers. It was oily and pleasurable to the touch, your skin almost tingling from the sensation. This time you noted there was a label on the side of the bottle: “Bath Oils”. Your eyes drifted towards the large bath and a lingering thought made you bite your lower lip.

Up until now you’d only showered just before going to sleep, but… glancing around you note you’ve got everything you need… and Samuel HAD mentioned he could use it for anything he could need…

Throwing caution to the wind, you take a second to confirm the door was safely locked, your eyes glancing at your long and well manicured nails as you did. You chuckled at that, your hobbies were getting weirder by the day… you really needed to find a job soon.

Undressing faster than an Eskimo in the desert, you turn on the hot water and decide it’d just be a waste not to fill up the bathtub. You couldn’t even remember the last time you’d bathed and decided that what you really needed was some relaxation time to get all this stress from job-hunting out of your system.

Of course, you don’t forget to add a bit of those bath oils into the mix.

Dipping a foot into the water made you shudder, it was at the perfect temperature and it felt soooo nice. As soon as you ease the rest of yourself you feel a flush crawl up to your cheeks as your whole body tingles. You wait a minute before running your hands across your smooth skin, a second shudder at just how good it all felt. It takes you but a minute before your hands drift down to your thighs and feel your clear arousal throbbing in anticipation, all thoughts go out the window as you close your eyes and begin pleasuring yourself.

This time the sensation is a hundred times better than before, it’s almost wholistic as the orgasm ripples across your entire being like a bolt of lightning, overpowering in every way. Your mind vaguely registers your own moans and the shrill scream of rapture as you slowly begin to come down from the experience.

When the ability to think finally returns you blush madly, the experience having felt as one of the hottest things you’d done in recent memory. It takes you another minute before you realize that it’s actually been more than a couple hours since you got in, the blush deepens at the thought of potentially getting caught. You hastily put on your panties and shorts, throwing on your baggy shirt as you just run out of there with your sports-bra in hand, not even caring to fully dry off as you run into the safety of your flat.

The moment you slam the door behind you you see your own reflection, your cheeks redden further at the image of your tomboyish face, long hair, smooth skin… and above all the wet clothes clinging to your lithe effeminate body and tiny breasts. You almost choke on air when you note the little nub of an erection trying to poke out of your pants and you just pray to whatever gods there are that no one had managed to notice your little secret.

Just like last time, you swear yourself not to go there again. You’d crossed a line at some point and just feel it was wrong in many more levels than what you could think of. Plus the thought of the handsome neighbour somehow ‘knowing’ what you’d done would make your face light up like a Christmas tree every time.

The nights were even more restless this time around, with flashes of hot need that had you furiously pleasuring yourself for what felt like hours, never really achieving relief, not with the sort of mind-blanking orgasm you’d had using IT. Sometimes the heat even made its way into your everyday life, you’d be sitting looking at an add or some company stock photo and your eyes would glue onto a particular man or another. After that you’d lose the rest of the day looking for porn in your computer as you madly played with yourself to find some way to end this. Even going so far as to buying a dildo and playing with your own ass… it made it better, but it just didn’t quite cut it.

By the time you heard a knocking at your door you weren’t certain if it’d been a full couple weeks or just two days, your mind was just too fogged up to really care. Only wearing your cotton panties and a cotton white shirt, you went to answer the call and found yourself face-to-face with Samuel. Your nipples instantly hardened at his handsome smile, your breath becoming laboured as the lust began to creep up through your flushed body.

He spoke about something, the words weren’t well remembered but the meaning clearly came across: The work would be finished tomorrow morning and the water would run normally once again, so today would be the last day you’d have to worry about it. With a quick goodbye you thanked him and closed the door.

It felt like a blow to your gut, both relief and worry washed over you at the thought of it. A part of you was joyful at never having to worry about using those oils again… the other part of you was anxious for the very same reason. You debated with yourself, your hand unconsciously rubbing at your crotch as you kept saying over and over you shouldn’t go back there.

The sound of a door closing outside had you snap out of it, a quick peek had you see the work crew making their way down. You clutched your hand and grit your teeth as the last bit of resistance finally crumbles the instant they disappeared. This time you didn’t even put on any more clothes as you rushed back into Samuel’s apartment, fumbling with the keys before going straight for the bathroom without really noticing if there was anyone else left.

Not stopping to even lock the door, you put the stopper and open the hot water while you undress of what little clothes you had on. Your foot begins to tap madly as you wait, but it’s just not fast enough so you open the bottle with oils and empty them into the half filled tub. The temperature is almost scalding but you just don’t care, the oily substance that pooled atop the steamy water was all worth it, tingling against your skin as you began to rub it all over yourself.

Panting for breath you try to keep a hold of your moans but it’s not possible, you’re so horny you just can’t stand it, you close your eyes tightly and rub the water against your modest breasts. All the while your hips buck as your member twitches in what can only be described as a constant orgasm, the sensation escalating further with every second and becoming more intense.

You scream out as a hand reaches your pussy and you begin to rub at it desperately, your voice rising as you breathlessly moan out for more. Images flash hot in your mind’s eye as you can’t stop yourself from imagining Samuel walking in on you, the imagery is enough to make you cum at least twice before you’re writhing in the tub.

Samuel… the image of the man had somehow cleared enough of your mind to try and recall what you were doing here, but each time you drew a blank. Your breasts heaved with every breath you took as you glanced back to the half-open door, spotting your racy thong and nightie just laying there on the floor. Shaking your head you feel something’s off, you try to think but it’s so hard… there was something about not being here…

Suddenly your whole body tightens, you reach the edge again, all thoughts blanking out as you began to pant from exhaustion, your throaty moan bouncing off the walls as you explode and gush wildly as your mind is drowned in white noise.

Taking one last look at the open door, you see Samuel leaning against the frame and smiling at you with a half smirk. “That was quite the show, Mia.” He comments, you recognize your name as he speaks it. “Ready for the main course?”

Closing your eyes, you just nod, letting out a long breath you hadn’t realized you’d been holding.

Yes, you were finally ready for him now.


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