Sitting Down

I’m surprisingly at peace since the girlflu ran its course. It was scary at first. When I went to the doctor I went in for a sore throat and fatigue, but I didn’t expect to get the news that I’d been infected by a virus that would slowly but surely change my DNA and appearance to that of a womans.

At first I didn’t believe him, but over the next few weeks I found myself getting sicker and sicker. My voice became horse and soon I couldn’t speak at all, but a few days later when it came back it was several octaves higher. I tried to hide it by making my voice deeper, but there was no denying that I sounded like a girl doing a fake man voice. When I did that, my brother and sister, who took care of me through it all, found it increasingly difficult not to laugh, so eventually I stopped and began to use my voice as it naturally was now.

My body was sore and I felt weaker by the day. I could tell I was losing body mask, my waist was becoming narrow( and my hips wider) and my clothes barely fit anymore. When my breasts started to grow my chest got incredibly sore and doubled in size every day for a week, leading to my now generous bust. When my dick started to disappear, shrinking more and more each day, I fell into a depression until this morning, when I woke up to find it was completely gone. The doctors said once it happened the changes would be over. Well he was right because for the first time in a month I didn’t feel physically ill. I looked between my legs and felt the realization that this was me now wash over me.

I went to the bathroom to pee and sat down like I’d known I would eventually have to do. It felt strange, the cold seat against my butt, which had become round and plump. I couldn’t believe I’d be sitting down like this for the rest of my life, or looking at these big boobs every time I look down, or that I would need to start wearing a bra. As I was finishing up my sister walked in on me.

“Oh! Sorry I didn’t think anyone was in here- wait, are you sitting down?”
“Yeah sis, I think its over.” I said smiling.
“Well congratulations!” My sister responded as I sat there still naked on the toilet. I saw her stare at my chest
“Umm… can a girl get some privacy?” I joked, covering my boobs out of actual modesty.
“Ha, of course, sorry sis!” She joked back, running to tell my brother the news. Of course, she wasn’t really joking, I was her sister. And I was a girl. Suddenly I could feel the weight of it all hit me. For better or worse, I’m a girl now. I don’t know if I’m ready…


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