one, two, three…

Robert walked into the empty room where his neighboor Tom was waiting. The room was plain white, without any furniture. He came closer to the teenage boy, staring ahead and wearing nothing but a black, lace bra and panties, which looked ridiculous on him. Robert snapped his fingers before Tom’s face. “Good” he said when there was no reaction form Tom.
“Now tell me, what is your name?”
“Rachel” Tom said while his voice changed.
“How old are you?”
“Thirty” Tom’s face became older
“Are you a boy or a woman?”
“I’m a woman” The bulge in Tom’s panties dissapered and his hips widened.
“Describe your look”
“I have long, dark brown hair. A face of an angel. Firm D-cup breasts. Good figure, shapely and long legs and my skin is smooth as silk” Tom’s hair suddenly grew long. He grew a pair of breasts which nicely filled the cup of his bra. His wais narrowed, his legs reshaped and his skin became smooth.
“Excelent” Robert smiled seeing his creation. “As i count to three you will wake up. You won’t remember being anyone else but Rachel. My loving and faithful wife” He said and Tom snapped out of his trance.
“Now tell me, what is the thing you desire the most?” Robert asked. Rachel embraced him, putting her hand in his butt. “It’s you my love” She said and kissed him on the lips


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