Male no more

Male… no more.

Moments ago I injected what was dubbed as the essence of femininity. It was a substance of pure estrogen and it would do what seemed an impossibility. It would make me a woman.

I stripped naked as I took the syringe and plunged it deep into my body. I was shaking with nerves.

I felt the warmth of the fluid as it flowed through me and then there was pain!!!

My body convulsed and rocked as my innate maleness tried to fight it off, but it was too much.

I looked down and could see patches of skin that lay softer and silkier than before. The femininity was coming through.

All at once I collapsed and was racked with more pain as the snaps and cracks of bones splintering and breaking echoed around me. My entire broad manly physique was collapsing in on itself, getting smaller and daintier. Like a woman should be.

Then the pain stopped and I was able to sit upright. I glanced down and could see soft beautiful hairless skin and a gorgeous feminine frame. I glanced at the mirror and could see that I looked like a woman minus three major pieces.

My cock sprang to attention as I felt a warmth in my chest. It knew what was coming. Breasts.

My chest began to get heavy as my orbs grew outwards. My nipples grew larger and I could feel them gain in sensitivity. They pushed ever outwards causing me to gasp and blush in arousal.

When the growing stopped I could barely see it but I could feel my cock pulse, it was harder than ever and desperate for attention.

I stroked it with my feminine soft hands, caressing gently my balls as I jerked for the final time. Mmmm it felt so good, different already too, it was much a woman’s wank if ever you could say so.

And then release. My final load shot across the room with force. Large streams of cum which grew darker as I ran dry. My remaining maleness was emptied.

My balls and penis both shrank away to nothing and popped into my body. Sensitive fleshy folds grew around where they’d gone.

It was done, I was complete.

Male no more. I’m better than that, I’m female now.


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