Protestor, Part 1

“IMPEACH MAYOR DIXON! IMPEACH MAYOR DIXON!” The chants roared across city hall as the mob marched back and forth. Anthony stood at the front of the line, picket sign held high, roaring the chant as loudly as he could. Police and firetrucks were lined in an attempt to subdue the protestors, but little was working. Anthony watched on as the firemen readied their hoses, but he continued marching.
“STAND BACK!” The firemen yelled, and while most did retreat, Anthony held out.
“I’M WARNING YOU! STAND. BACK.” He continued on despite the warning.
The sound of pressure was unmistakable as the beige hose sprung to life. The purple liquid sprung outward, covering Anthony and several other protestors as the crowd ran back, fleeing the scene. He fell to the ground, blinded by the liquid as his consciousness began to slip away. Read more


“Dad, can you get my backpack from my closet? I forgot it at home lol. thx”
He put his phone away and headed into her room. She had recently bought the new autocloset with the money she had saved fro her new job, so he knew he was going to have a hard time finding her backpack. He approached the screen, looking for some way to summon the backpack.
“School,” said one of the buttons. Eager and hopeful, he pressed it.
“School Preset Engaged.”
Two robot arms flew from the closet walls and grabbed the man, ripping the clothing off of him.
“Wait, no!” He screamed.
“Sore throat detected,” said the screen. A metal tube was shot down his throat, spraying a foreign liquid over his vocal chords. It quickly retreated back.
“What the fu—,” he covered his mouth. He sounded feminine!
“Begin grooming,” the screen said.
Two new arms appeared, one to shave him while another injected botox and other chemicals into his skin. Lotion was applied all over his naked, smooth body. He couldn’t see a wrinkle on him anymore, despite his age. A wig appeared from the distance and attached itself to him, despite his protests.
“Apply makeup.”
The two arms retreated, replaced by new robotic arms wielding makeup tools. He felt his face become coated with powders and liquids while his fingers and toes were painted and manicured into a fashionable french tip.
“Begin dress”
His penis was pulled back contorted as panties were yanked up his body. Two fake breasts were glued to his chest and wrapped in a bra as socks were being pulled up his feet. Within seconds he was wearing a complete school uniform.
The door opened and the man staggered out of the closet as he was sprayed with perfumes. He sat down in a chair next to the window and examined himself. He felt so small and dainty, his body perverted by that machine. He couldn’t even find the backpack, either!

Protestor, Part 3 (Final)

Months have passed since Emily’s had a thought of her own. Without their organizer, the protests start. Any independent protestors backed away, fearful of becoming like Emily. She didn’t mind, however, she new hardly anything about the news, or anything really. The mayor brought her home with her that night and transformed her from the brainy activist to a dumb blonde bimbo. She’s his biggest supporter, his lover, and soon to be his wife.
As she laid out in lawn, looking back at the mayor, she tried to remember how she got here. She loved his massive cock and his controlling personality, but had she always? He could see the confused look on her face as she wiggled her ass at him and knew her mind was beginning to wonder again. He quickly unzipped his pants, prepared to put a stop to that.
Emily loved Mayor Dixon.

Protestor, Part 2

Emily opened the front door.
“Mayor Dixon,” she scowled.
“Do you mind if I come in?” he asked.
The two sat across from each other in the living room as he spoke.
“Listen Mrs. Carr, I greatly apologize for the affects of the chemicals we used against you and the other protestors. I wanted to make sure I apologized personally for that. Now I understand that you are the one who organized the protests, I came back to ask why.”
“You’re the most corrupt politician I’ve ever seen in my entire life!” she yelled, her face red with anger, “You used chemicals against protestors and didn’t even lose your seat! I spent a week confused until the affects wore down, and I’ll be stuck as a girl forever. You wanted to tear down the park and build an oil refinery for a company that YOU OWN! I could keep going all day if I have to.”
“I know you may not agree with me, but what I do is best for the people of this town. Here, watch this video and let me know if it changes your mind,” he said, placing a DVD on the table as he walked out. “I’ll be back tomorrow.” The door closed behind him. Read more


I stopped him as he approached the stairs. “Son, can I see your fishing license?”
“Oh sorry, officer. I don’t have one,” the man said. I reached into my back pocket to grab my ticket book.
“Fishing without a license is against the law, I’m going to have to write you a ticket.”
“Very funny, Kelli. You’re not a cop.”
What? Why did he say that to me?
“My uh…” My thoughts trailed as I tried to reply. I’m obviously a cop! I’m in uniform? My name isn’t Kelli, it’s… uh…it’s not Kelli!
“You’re my girlfriend, Kelli, remember? Golly you can be such a ditz sometimes!”
My mind felt so mushy as he talked. How did he know my name was Kelli? Why am I in this dumb police uniform, I’m not a cop? Maybe I should take it off. I should be wearing a bikini or somethin, I’m at the beach!
I felt his hand smack against my ass and a small moan slipped out of my mouth. Josh is always like this! Everytime we, like, go out in public he always gets me so fucking horny!
“Josh stop it!” I purred back at him.
“Why would I, Kelli? Don’t you like it?”
I bit my lip. “Well… uh… yeah. Hehe”
“Good, cause I’m gonna fuck your hot body right here on the beach. Let me just put this fish in my car.”
I played with the straps of my bra as I looked down and smiled. I have such a good boyfriend!


“Follow my orders or I’ll leak the photos.”
Andrew sat in horror as he read the email. A hacker had accessed his laptop camera and emailed him hundreds of photos of him masturbating, having sex with his girlfriend, and even cheating on his girlfriend. In one email was enough ammunition to ruin his entire life. He pulled out his phone and texted the number in the email, as instructed.
“Okay, what do you want?”
“There is a package outside your door.”
Andrew walked to the front door and, sure enough, a package waited for him. Inside was a thermos and a note, “Drink this and text me when you’re done.”
“Okay I drank it, what’s next?”
“Nothing, I’ll contact you again tomorrow.”
For months the commands were more or less the same. After a few weeks the thermoses began to come more often and, before he knew it, Andrew was drinking them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The affects of the liquid was subtle at first. He struggled to get an erection, eventually prompting his girlfriend and mistress to leave him, and his muscle definition faded. However the changes quickly became much more drastic. Breasts began to form, his hips widened, his fast softened, his body hair faded, and his dick shrank to an unrecognizable state. He wanted to stop, he wanted to lie and just tell his captor that he was drinking them, but he found himself addicted. Without the drinks he felt headaches, withdraws. So instead he wore hoodies and baggier clothes. Today, however, the package was different. Inside was not only the typical thermos but also a makeup pallet.
“Don’t wear it in public, just practice,” the texts said. So he did. More months passed and Andrew had become an expert at applying makeup. Full breasts had developed by now, forcing him to wear a sports bra alongside his hoodie. His ass was huge and his figure was undeniably feminine. His hair had grown fairly long and his lips were much puffier than before. Unless someone where to take his pants off, he appeared to be a female through and through.
On the two year anniversary of the email, a special package appeared. Inside was pink lingerie.
“Put this on, put on some make-up, and Skype me.”
Andrew did as he was told. He spent extra time getting ready, making sure his boobs looked nice and his makeup was good. He posed across the mattress making sure to show off his new figure. He was almost excited to meet the man who took his life from him. Almost a Stockholm syndrome affect.
The screen came to life and Andrew was almost overwhelmed with emotion.
“Hi daddy,” he purred in a voice he had been rehearsing. It dripped of sex.
“Hello,” the man said, difficult to see on the screen.
Andrew slipped back the top on one of his breasts, letting a nipple reveal itself. “I’m so horny daddy.”
“Don’t worry Andi, I’ll be over soon.”
What Andrew had worked so hard to prevent had happened. He was ruined, gone from this Earth. Luckily, Andi’s life was just begining.

The Private School

“YOU’RE NOT LISTENING TO ME,” The man yelled, obviously furious. Mr. Cliff held his composure and spoke calmly.
“Of course, Ted—” he said, before being interrupted.
“I’m Mr. Hobbs to you, Emily’s dad,” he said, before taking a deep breath, “Now I just want to know why my daughter is performing so poorly. Before enrolling in this private school she was a straight A student on track to become valedictorian, now she’s… she’s… she’s dumb!” He was practically shaking with anger.
“Now it’s easy to be critical from outside the classroom, Mr. Hobbs, but I assure you that any deficits of your daughter’s are not a result of this institution. If it would help, I could show you one of our lessons.” Mr. Cliff said, reassuringly.
“Okay, fine, sure.”
Mr. Cliff stood from his desk, turned off his office lights, and began the projector. A clip appeared of two girls walking down the hall. Mr. Cliff watched Ted Hobbs as the light of the screen reflecting across his face, casting bright pinks and oranges over his skin. Mr. Hobbs, however, kept a clean concentration on the screen. He watched the vapid young girls gossip in the halls, shop at the mall, and flirt with boys. The entire video was set to a unique beat, interlaced with a narration that was difficult for Hobbs to quite understand. He was so focused on discovering the sound that he hardly noticed the video was repeating, an endless loop of the girls. After an hour, Mr. Cliff stood up and began circling Mr. Hobbs.
“Ted,” he said, “Do you see now how lucky your daughter is to attend an institution like this?”
No response.
“Already you are overcome with focus and determination by our lesson and this is only your first hour! Surely you must be impressed?”
Again, Ted stared vacantly at the screen, entranced by the video.
“You know, Ted, many experts believe students learn just as much at home as they do at school, if not more. That’s why I’m very happy you came in today. Through example, you’ll be able to reinforce Emily’s lessons while she is at home. Wouldn’t that be excellent?”
His expression remained unchanged as he glared deeply at the projection, overwhelmed by the distant voices. Mr. Cliff finished his circling, standing directly in front of Ted, his body covered in the projection.
“Strip for me, Mr. Hobbs.”
The man rose, his eyes blank and empty, as he pealed off his clothing one article at a time. He stood in the office, directly in front of the man he came into chastise, naked and obedient.
Mr. Cliff walked to his desk, pulling a small syringe from the drawer. He approached Ted, flicked the needle twice, then injected it into his arm. The changes were immediate. The sound of cracking and splitting overwhelmed the room as Ted shrank a foot and lost easily a hundred pounds. His hair shed from his body leaving him smooth and bald while his hips widened and ass exploded. From his bald head poured blonde hair, stopping just above his newly forming breasts. His face contoured and reshaped as his lips puffed out and his eyes recolored from brown to blue. His expression, however, remained stoic. Throughout the changes Ted stared forward, watching the projection. Not even the feeling of his dick shriveling up and retreating into himself, leaving a proud, puffy cunt was enough to elicit a reaction. Mr. Cliff stood back and admired his work.
“You can take a seat, Mrs. Hobbs,” he said as he turned off the projector and turned on the lights.
She blinked a few times, obviously groggy, as she stretched her arm over her head.
“Wh…what happened?” She asked, her voice many octaves higher than before.
“We were discussing how proud you are of your daughter’s progress here,” Mr. Cliff said.
“Well if the whole staff looks like you I don’t know how she can ever focus!” She said, letting a giggle escape at the end. “Oh and please call me Caitlin. Mrs. Hobbs is too, like, formal!”
“Well then is there anything else I can do for your today, Caitlin?”
The newly made woman rose from the chair and approached the man, placing her hand over the zipper of his pants. Her fingers wrapped around the indention of his cock and rubbed slowly back and forth.
“No but maybe there’s something I can do for you instead,” she purred, her pussy visibly wet.
She was glad she sent her daughter to such a good school. Hopefully, by the time she graduates, she’ll be as dumb as slutty as her mom!


Dan had been using this new app called “Obey” for a couple weeks now. The app would pair you up with a stranger and you could send them dares and watch them do it over the camera, however, he’d never personally accepted a dare before himself. Setting his phone up on the dresser of his bed, he decided he’d give it a shot.
“Python12 is online” the screen said, showing a girl in her room.
“Shove an apple up your butt, accept or decline?”
What the heck, no. Dan reached out and hit decline, letting the phone randomly pull for another person.
“Megan55 is online” the screen said, revealing another girl.
“Strip, accept or decline?”
Okay, one more time then I’m done. He reached for decline again, bringing in a third person.
“105Manny is online” the screen said, this time showing a guy. He was in probably his thirties, watching the screen very intently as he typed his command.
“Strip, accept or decline?” Dan sighed and reached for the decline button, but instantly found an error message appear. “Error: 105Manny is a premium user, cannot decline.” Before Dan could react he could feel his hand reach for his pants and slowly slide them off.
“What’s happening?” he yelled as his pants fell to the floor and he reached for his shirt.
“Lay on the bed,” the screen said.
Naked Dan slithered onto his bed, confused and upset.
The guy on the camera had a noticeable smile.
“Become a girl,” the screen said. Dan panicked as he felt his bones crack and reshape. His ass exploded behind him as his skin softened and tanned. His hair poured out as he looked back at the camera in disgust. The only article of clothes remaining on him, his socks, reshaped into heels as two massive tits poured from his chest.
“Call a guy friend over and let him fuck you,” the screen said.
As Dan reached for his phone he realized that his night was just getting started.

Undercover Part 3 (Final)

The CIA sent in three more agents to the college, but all of them were lost, just like Kyle. The director went home, frustrated and upset by the case, only to find a young blonde sitting on his couch.
“Hey bossy!” the blonde purred.
“Who are you? How did you get into my home?”
“It’s me, silly!” she giggled, “Kylie!”
“Oh my God Kyle, look at what they’ve done to you…” he said, approaching the girl.
“I know! Aren’t I sexy? Look at the pussy they gave me, don’t you love it?” she said, sex practically dripping off of her voice as she held her legs high in the air.
“Kyle… what… why are you here?”
“My um… princi… head… umm… the college lady told me to tell you that if you stop sending spies and stuff she’ll let me be yours! Wouldn’t that be so good!”
“Shhh…. let me help you make up your mind boss!” she said, unzipping his pants. Read more

Undercover Part 2

“Honey what’s wrong?” my wife asked.
“Nothing, I uh… I just need some water.” I said, heading to the bathroom.
I looked at myself in the mirror. “Get ahold of yourself, Kyle,” I said. I’ve been investigating this school for a week now and I’ve gotten so caught up. All of my grades are so low and it makes me feel so dumb. I sat down on the toilet and started masturbating, like I have been for almost a week, to the thought of getting an A. It’s become a complete obsession. I’m trying to stay focused on my mission but I can’t if I don’t start getting good grades. It’s time I talk to my director.
— The Next Day —
“Sir, I need to change my disguise,” I said.
“In what way, Kyle?” he asked, confused by my request.
“I’m not very—ehem, sorry, Kylie, she’s not very pretty. I don’t think she’s fitting in at school. The identity needs to dye her hair blonde and perhaps start dressing sluttier,” I said, completely serious.
“Are you sure, Kyle? We wouldn’t want to push you past your comfort zone.”
“No I’m sure, sir, this is important for the mission.”
“Okay, I’ll tell the team.”
When the makeup and latex teams prepared me today they made sure to do a lot better. My hair was a beautiful blonde and my skirt hanged right above my ass, revealing a thong so tight that it disappeared between my crack. I cooed in the mirror as I puffed my hair.
At school the teachers noticed instantly. My grade went up to a C across the board and it made me feel so good! Every time an instructor complimented me I could almost feel the breast forms tingle, and I could imagine juice running down my leg. It all just felt so real. I had to do better. I went to the library and started studying for hours after school everyday. I filled notebooks with techniques on how to give the perfect blowjob and how to walk, talk, and act sexy. However, my grades just wouldn’t go up! I knew I had to speak to my advisor.
“Mrs. Shaw, you look like you’re really starting to fit in,” she said.
“Not really! No matter how hard I try I just can’t get my grades up!” I pouted.
“Maybe that’s because you could never be a real slut if you don’t have a pussy.”
“What? How do you know…?”
“Relax, Kylie! We can fix that for you. All you have to do is call your buddies at the CIA and tell them to give up the investigation, and we can make you into a straight A student in no time.”
I eagerly grabbed the phone without a second thought and sent the message to my director.