New Roomate

Combing through a local newspaper I was surprised to discover an advertisement looking for a roommate. The rent was incredibly low and I was desperate to find a place to stay after graduating college. I met up with the guy posting the ad, Paul, and to be honest he seemed pretty creepy. He promised to keep to himself, though, and I couldn’t turn down such a great price, so I moved in.

(Day One)
My first impression was pretty good, this guy was a creep. He always played this ambient music constantly, but wore headphones so that he couldn’t hear it. He also insisted we ate dinner together, as a bonding experience he said, and had special plates for both of us. It was ridiculous.

(Day Three)
The music is still a constant thing, and the guy is as sleazy as ever. Plus, I think his food is starting to make me sick. I feel dizzy all the time lately and super groggy. I’m going to start looking for another place to live because, despite the rent, this just wasn’t working out.

(Day Seven)
I had to skip work today because I was feeling so weird. Paul said for me not to worry about it, that he could help the fuzzy feeling go away. I’ve started to really like his cooking, and his company to be honest. He’s so helpful when I’m feeling down, I wonder how I ever thought he was creepy.

(Day Twelve)
I haven’t been at work all week but Paul said that’s okay. He’s been feeding me and letting me listen to nice music and stuff and saying I shouldn’t worry. What a great guy!

(Day Fifteen)
I feel sooo soft. Paul made me take a bath today with sum special soap and it made, like, all of my hair and stuff come off. Plus, and this is soooo scary, but I was super horny today and no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t, like, get it up. I just felt so frustrated!

(Day Twenty)
Oh my gawsh!!! I’m so fuckin horny all the time lately! Paul walked in on me humping my bed and just laughed! He told me not to, like, worry about it that I’ll feel fine soon. He said sum other stuff but I just felt so horny and dizzy and confused and stuff.

(Day Thirty)
Okay so like I was takin a bath today right and all of a sudden Paul walks in totally fuckin naked! You know how horny I’ve been right so this was like driving me like soooo crazy. I crawled to the edge of the bath thingie and begged him right there for that juicy cock. And he, like, totally gave it to me! I’m the luckiest guy in the whole wide world to have such a great room mate. I, like, told him that too but he said somethin about me not being a guy anymore. Paul’s soooo goofy.


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