Helping out

“Why couldn´t I be the one taking the pictures?” Kevin whined to his friend Dana.

“Because”, she began, “you have zero aptitude taking good pictures. I need good pictures for my portfolio as soon as possible and the only way I could pull it off was to make you look like me. Face it, it is much easier for me to direct you on how to move than you trying to take a photo”


“But what? You get to look like me for twelve hours. Or longer if you want to”, Dana chuckled. Guys would kill to be as close to me like you are”.
“Straight guys perhaps”, Kevin retorted, “I`m gay, Remember?”
Dana flashed a smile to him. “Yeah, I know. And you know what? With that body you can get any guy you want. Consider it a treat for helping me out”.

Kevin realised what she said was true. This opened up a host of possibilites to him.
He turned around to Dana. “Can you, uhm, help me out finding a dress later on?”

“Can I?”, she exclaimed, “I`d love to, girlfriend!”


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