Give In

“I… I’ve got to stop touching it… but… MMmmmhhm… it feels too good,” you moan. With each pump and squeeze of your flushed cock you know you’re giving in, growing more and more feminine. But you can’t stop; a growing part of you doesn’t want to.

“Watching you give in to your lust is making me so wet,” your girlfriend sits at the foot of the bed, hands sliding over herself as she watches the spell take hold. “Doesn’t it feel delightful, becoming so smooth and soft? And this is just the beginning,” She strokes your hair, playing with lengthening strands as they lighten to golden blonde.

“If you don’t stop soon, I might have to find someone else. I don’t date other chicks,” she teases. “But I do love playing with my creations. And I can tell that you’re going to be a sexy, delicious, slut.” Her tongue slips over her lips as she coos in orgasm and winks playfully, looking at your changing body.

“MMnnnghhh” you groan, nearly cumming as small breasts push out from your chest, inflating with each wild thrust. They may be small, but they feel strange and huge on your shrinking body; thinking about them and how big they’ll get makes you feel so sexy.
It’s becoming difficult to hang on to your cock, but the sensations are more wonderful than any you’ve experienced before and your hand is moving faster than ever. Your ass spreads on the bed below you, becoming plump and alluringly bubble-shaped.

You bite a fat lip as you teeter on the edge of orgasm, knowing that if you give in there is no return. You’ll become a young girl, a nymph in body and mind, built for sex and pleasure. “It feels so goooood!”

“Look at you. I was so right! Now finish your transformation, slut!”

Your body jerks in response as your hungry, sopping cunt opens with a wet *pop* and you writhe in helpless orgasm at your girlfriend’s- no, your master’s- command.

“Ouhhhggh, oh noooo…”


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