Book in the attic

I had recently found the book in the attic. I read the first line, and saw my pants become a short black skirt. “I can’t believe this works” I said. I read the next line, and my shirt changed into a white blouse. I continued reading, my socks disappeared, and my shoes became heels. “This is quite uncomfortable” I said. “ok ok, next line”, then earings appeared on my ears.

I read one more line, and saw my legs become soft and feminine. “Finally for the fun part” I said. I read more lines from the book. I felt my ass expand. I could feel the weight on my back. The next line got rid of my cock, and replaced it with a pussy. The next one was quite painfull, I felt my spine crack, which made me a few inches shorter. I read a little more, and saw my chest hair disappear and my waist become thinner.

I had waited a long time for the next step to happen. Breasts formed on my chest and filled up my blouse. The next few lines changed my arms and hands. I walked to the nearest mirror and saw my reflection. Apart from my head, I looked like a girl. I noticed I was almost done with my reading, the next part, changed my face and my hair. “Wow I look like a girl.

Someone knocked the door, I walked towards the door still holding the book. “Shit, I forgot I am now a girl” I whispered. I stopped, and hesitated to open. But then I noticed I had missed one final line. As I read it, I felt my male persona fade away. Someone knocked at the door again. I dropped the book, and went to open the door, “who is it?” I asked with in a sexy tone. “Tom, is Andrew home?” the man asked. I openned the door. “Andrew’s gone, I am Audrey” I said. “Oh, ok…. he told me to meet him here. Do you know what time he will come back?” he asked. “Probably never” I said. “But if you want, instead of playing videogames with him, you can take me out instead”


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