Flight Promoted

Henry was tired of being the luggage guy at the airline company and being told what to do, and the female manager, Leona Lancer, over all the flight attendants overheard, “So you don’t like being a luggage bagboy do you? Want to be in charge? I can fix that.”

Suddenly she sprayed Henry with an odd substance with the consistency of pepper spray and he passed out. When he came to, he nearly stumbled in the shoes he was now wearing, as he leaned against a seat in the plane that was loading up with passengers soon.

“Congratulations, Ms. Hannah Reed, you are now the chief flight attendant on flight 200. All our flight attendants are women, so we had to make some adjustments. Welcome to your new job promotion, and welcome to your body promotion as well. Yes promotion, you’ve been promoted to womanhood, I consider it a promotion. Miss Reed, your flight attendants will be arriving shortly. I suggest you get used to the skirt and heels quickly and learn how to keep your makeup presentable at all times. The one in charge leads by example,” said Leona Lancer.


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