A Forced Night Out

“Keep smiling or I make your tits bigger, Nathan.” My girlfriend whispered into my ear, holding the gun she changed me with behind my back. “My not so manly boyfriend has some pretty impressive breasts, but I’m sure the guys here would love it if your tits were bigger.”

“Everything is cool,” I said calmly to her. “I’m smiling, i’m doing what you want. When will you change me back though?” I looked around the bar, keeping up my fake smile. I could see different guys from around the place staring at my tits which were being strained against the green tank top my girlfriend put me into.

“Oh, I won’t even consider that until you’ve been thoroughly punished.”

“I said I was sorry! I’ve apologized 1,000 times! It was a drunken kiss as a dare during a party, I would never actually cheat on you.” My breathing started to get heavier as I got more nervous. The only problem was that the more I breathed, the more I could see my tits slowly rise and fall on my chest. I wiped away the long, silky hair that grew from my head and turned towards my girlfriend. “I truly am sorry. It will never happen again.”

“Oh I hope it won’t, especially after your punishment.” She leaned in close. “You see Nathan, your dick is gone! Your not a man anymore, your 100% woman. Big tits, a tight virgin pussy, an hourglass figure that would get a man hard just by looking at you.” I tried to keep but smiling, but it was getting kind of difficult. I was starting to get really scared.

“It’s good that a man can become rock solid by looking at you because that mouth of yours can take care of a cock real well I’m betting. For me to even consider changing you back, you need to go home with a guy tonight.”

“But babe, you can’t-”

“I’m not finished! You need to suck his dick, and I mean really deep throat the cock until you can hardly breathe. Then after you’re done giving your first blowjob, you need to get fucked. Because that can happen to you now, you can get fucked. You can’t fuck anymore, not with tight little slit instead of a dick. You will be the one spreading your legs, letting a man wildly fuck you until you explode with orgasmic pleasure. Once you do that tonight, I will think about changing you back.”

I was on the verge of breaking down in tears. This was the most scared I’ve ever felt. I was a woman now, and like my girlfriend said, if I want to change back I’m going to need to screw a guy. I watched in terror, still barely keeping a smile, as a guy walked over to us.

“Hello ladies,” he said, smiling at me. “Can I buy you a drink?”

“Oh you can skip that part,” my girlfriend said. “My friend Nadia here is trying to relieve some stress, so she just wants to get right to the fun part.” I felt the barrel of the change gun press against my back. I looked up at the man and shot him a seductive smile. He smiled back and me and took my hand, leading me out the bar. As I turned around, I saw my girlfriend smile and wave towards me. The last thing I saw was her laughing before the bar doors closed and I entered the car, about to be taken by this man.


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