Show Me

Matt had been drunk. That hadn’t been supposed to be an excuse, or a justification for his behavior, but facts were facts, and after downing god knows how many cups throughout the night he hadn’t known what planet he was on, much less was capable of controlling his impulses. So when a stunningly attractive co-ed slid by him in the crowd at the party, he acted…..well….rather vulgarly, yelling “show me your tits!”

The woman, Hope, just smiled. Being a witch, she’d been going to parties for over a hundred years, and she knew how to handle drunken louts. Whispering a spell under her mouth, she yelled “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours, Maddie!”

Matt only had time for the most basic confused thoughts in his befuddled mind before the magic took over and rapidly warped, shifted, and changed the world around it. Maddie laughed as she pulled down the front of her dress to give the boys in the balcony a show. She’d show them her’s if they’d show her their’s tonight.


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