Costume Gun: Enlightenment

I was licking my girlfriend I was thinking I was doing a good job. She was silent but she used to do that. Once she told me she was quiet just so she could concentrate on the pleasure.
So I was mildly suprised when she told me to stop it.
“Stop. Stop! Cut it out! *sigh* This isn´t working”, Amanda said and pushed away my head from her groin.

“What´s not working, babe?”, I asked her.

“This. My pussy. Your tongue. You!”, she sad and gestured towards her pussy and then me.

“But baby, I thought we had a good time?”

Amanda sighed again. “I´ve been trying a long time now to get this working but you haven´t improved in months! I love you and all, but our sex life, my sex life is crap”.

“Uh, oh”, I thought, then I said: “Just tell me what you want me to do and I`ll do it”, and flashed her a smile.

“I´ve tried and tried. I can´t instruct you much more than this. I….I need to be more drastic”. She picked up a toy gun.


“Put me on afterwards and try to get a feel of my body. Ok?”

“Uhm, Ok?”

She pointed the toy gun towards herself and pulled the trigger.
I was shocked when I saw how she deflated in front of my eyes and became a pile of skin on the bed.
Naturally I freaked out.

It took some time for me to collect my wits again and remember what she had said to me earlier: “Put me on”.
So I examined her, or what was left of her, and found out that she had become a bodysuit of some sort. There was even a slit in the back that I could open up.

I gleaned into her back and found that it looked kinda creepy. It was kinda fleshy inside.
“Put her on”, I repeated to myself.
So I stripped my clothes, took a deep breath and put my legs into hers.
I stretched her skin when I put her on but after a couple of seconds her skin seemed to constrict itself around my legs and form them after hers. Soon I practically was walking around in her legs.
Now I was intrigued.
I pulled up her groin to mine and waited for the magic to happen. After a couple of seconds I felt my ass inflate instead but the bulge at her vagina shrank down and became flat.
When I poked my fingers around there I felt how it entered me! Whoa!
And now a yearning appeared to put on the rest of her. I hasted inserting my arms into hers and pulling up her upper body towards mine. The back sealed up and I felt how a giant hand gripped my midriff and made it thinner and how her breasts ballooned up on my chest.
I didn´t care to explore the boobs at the moment, I just wanted to put her on completely.
With the eyes, mouth, nose and ears situated in their place I felt the familiar constricting feeling of my own body reshaping into hers.
A rush of memories entered my brain, her memories. There was so much about her I apparently didn´t know.

I was in bed panting after the ordeal putting her on, and I knew what I had to do. My…our memories told me that I should explore her body to discover on what made her tick.
My lips smiled a smug smile with my girlfriends puffy lips and I let my hand wander down under my panties.
The finger went into the hole again but this time it would stay there.


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