New Discovery, Second Puberty

“You guys coming in or what?” Jake called out swimming up in the water.

“Umm…yeah in a sec.” his friends said.

The reason Jake’s friends are a little awkward is due to Jake’s recent developments. Over the last few years a new trend has suddenly started appearing in High School age boys, it’s being called Second Puberty. For some unknown genetic reason shortly after reaching Sixteen some boys start to go through changes, most boys around that age are wrapping up puberty, turning into full grown men around that time, but for some it only marks the end of one phase of life and the start of a new one, Jake is one of those boys.

Unlike their peers who mature into men some boys do the opposite, softening, growing longer hair and more feminine facial features, their chests ripen into breasts and their penises shrivel up into near nonexistence. For all intensive purposes they become fully female, the only part of their male body remaining is their old memories and their now micro sized penises that are perched atop fresh pussies.

No one has been able to explain why Second Puberty happens and there is no test to detect it, some boys just have it happen.

“Come on guys.” Jake adjusted his top making his breasts wobble “Quit slacking and get in here and swim with me, you promised you wouldn’t let my condition change our friendship so stop staring at my boobs and swim dammit!”


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