Pull out!

“I’m about to…cum!” She yelled.

“Then pull out honey! If you cum inside me the swap becomes permanent!” I replied. While I enjoyed having sex as my girlfriend, I didn’t want to be stuck as her for the rest of my life. I was leaving for college the next morning and I had big plans for my future; my girlfriend honestly did have much of a future apart from her beautiful body and I was planning to leave her when I went away anyways.

“Uhm…oh…yess!” She cried in pleasure as she started spasming. I felt her shoot a load or two into me.

“Honey! NO!” I made a futile effort to push her away, but it was no use – the damage had been done.

As the orgasm faded, she finally pulled out, some of now HIS cum dribbled out of my new pussy. I felt defeated, especially knowing that I was likely going to be pregnant afterwards as the spell made both users extremely fertile.

“Wow, that was amazing” She…no he said.

“What have you done?” I sobbed.

“Come on honey, it isn’t that bad being a hot chick. Don’t worry, I’ll try to visit you on my breaks while I’m away. I won’t abandon my child’s mother.” He said as he snuggled against me.

I wasn’t sure what I was gonna do with my life now, but I felt oddly reassured by my new boyfriend.


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