A new relationship

Chris was my best friend growing up, but when I told him I was a transgender woman, he-like many friends, disappeared from my life. But I was set on finding my happiness.

The 3 years of hormones had really done their work on me since I was only 18 when starting them. After my surgery, there was no reason anyone would ever have known I was once biologically male. Gone was Frank, and reborn was Aubrey. I decided it was best to move off to a bigger city and make a new life as the new me.

I was out at a club with some friends, and my jaw nearly dropped to the floor when I saw Chris walk in. I made sure to grind up on him on the dance floor, he clearly could not keep his eyes off my chest. We flirted all night. He asked if I would come back to his apartment with him. I giggled a bit, but was way too turned on by him to pass up this option.

On the car ride there, he admitted that he knew who I had been, and that he had tracked me down because he felt horrible for treating me so badly. He spent 20 minutes at least telling me how beautiful I was and how if I wanted to I could never talk to him again that would be ok. But he wanted to make things up to me. I thought about it and decided to follow him up to his apartment for another drink.

One thing led to another, and here’s a clip of him tit fucking me. It felt so good.When he shot his cum all over my face while moaning “Aubrey”, I knew our relationship would never be the same. Gone were the guy best friends of yesteryear, now we have a new relationship- as boyfriend and girlfriend.


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