Collateral Damage pt. 1

Bill rushed out of the bathroom to answer the door. He had heard his phone ring earlier while he was on the shitter, and of course once he got close to finishing up somebody knocked on the door. He opened it to see a gorgeous girl in a necklace and one-piece bathing suit staring at him.

His plan had worked.

It was his anniversary with his girlfriend today, and he wanted to do something special. Of course, she wasn’t as in to these special things as he was. So he thought he’d take matters in to his own hands. He had found a strange shop that claimed to sell magical items. He had bought the necklace and bathing suit there.

The bathing suit would change the body of the person into that of a virtual goddess. And the necklace would change the wearers mind for as long as they wore it to be insanely in love with and horny for whoever had given them the necklace.

Bill had given these to Jaime, his girlfriend, the day before and told her to wear them to his house today. And now, her she was.

Or so he thought.

If he had checked his phone he would have seen a missed call from Jaime. She sent him a text as a follow up, but he was far too busy getting hot and heavy with the girl now to check.

“Hey honey, I think my little brother stole the necklace and bathing suit 🙁 I’m sorry I can’t wear them, but I’m on my way now!”

And that is exactly what had happened a few hours before.

Jaime’s little brother Ron had snuck into her room and seen the box laid out on her bed. He was a horny teenager, and he didn’t realize how fucked up it was to jerk off to his sister’s stuff. He snagged the box and brought it to his room to open.

He had grabbed the necklace off the top. He stared at it deeply. It entranced him. He put it to the side for now, and held out the bathing suit. It looked like it would be hot on a girl, any girl. His cock got hard thinking about it, and he started masturbating right there.

As his mind went further and further into the act, he became more and more obsessed with the idea of the necklace. Eventually he stopped mid stroke and put the necklace on. He felt a chill rush through his body.

His cock was still rock hard, but he was thinking about something different now. He wanted his sister’s boyfriend now, for some odd reason. Bill was all he could think about for the next few strokes.

“He won’t want me like this though. I have to wear something pretty…” And that’s when Ron decided to put on the bathing suit.

The transformation began immediately. His hair grew out a good length, his face softened , and he felt the rest of his body thin out. He felt his chest swell to fill the bathing suit. His penis, still hard in his hand, slowly shrank and morphed into a clitoris, while his balls retreated and pulled up into his abdomen, making a vagina. He felt so moist down there now.

He wanted to be filled, and he knew who would do it.

He trekked over to Bill’s house. Once Bill opened the door, Ron threw himself at him. They started making out, and soon made their way to his bed.

“Please, Bill, fill me!” Ron said. Bill was click to oblige. He pulled his cock out after taking off the bathing suit. Luckily the body would stay that way until she put her original clothes back on.

Ron got even more aroused as his breasts now hung free. Bill sucked on them vigorously while pounding in and out of Ron’s new vagina. They both LOVED the experience. Ron was soon shaking as his new female body reached climax. Bill hadn’t finished yet, though.

“Okay Jaime, you have to suck my dick now.”

“Gladly!” Ron got on his knees and started sucking on him without hesitation. He just HAD to make Bill happy.

Bill moaned so loudly when he came that neither of them heard the front door open or the real Jaime making her way up the steps…


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