A lot to deal with

Larry looked up at the group of teenagers coming to the beach. Their loud and immature behavior was annoying him but then he realized that a month ago he was just like them. But he had grown up in a very short time. He had to since the accident that put him into his neighboor’s body. The 14 years old boy was now a 30 years old woman expecting a child. If he knew that the cursed medalion he found on the street would cause it he would never touched that thing. But it was too late now and he had to deal with his new life and body.

Since he could remember he always loved to spend his free time on the beach. That didn’t change after the swap and Larry often came here to catch a break from his problems. Here he could relax and forget about loosing his manhood or the baby inside him which he will have to give birth to. The sound of the ocean was really calming but his friends showing up spoiled the mood. They know about the swap, the whole neighboorhood knew and some people were giving him a hard time. When Larry swapped bodies with Jane he thought that people will be more symphatetic, he was also a victim after all but instead they treated him like some pervert, especially when Larry was wearing Jane’s clothes. There were even rumors that Larry stole Jane’s body on purpose which of course wasn’t true. Beside his parents, Jane and a few others most of the people became rude towards him. Larry hoped that it might change when they will get used to it but for now he preffered to stay away from anyone, especially that he also wasn’t quite used to his new apperance. He still had a hard time to deal with some aspects of Jane’s body, like her breasts, the lack of his dick or the huge pregnant belly.

As his friends were getting closer Larry decided to to avoid them. They will probably start pointing fingers at him and Larry was in no mood for an argument. He turned away and went straight ahead, carrying his heavy belly with the baby inside. Despite all what was happening in his life now Larry stayed positive. He was already making new friends with the ladies at his birth class and he was sure that after the baby is born he will be able to love it as his own. He just have to endure all the shit people are giving him and maybe some day he will begin to like this body and life more than his previous one.


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