Sweet revenge

Kyle was plotting his revenge for the past month. He couldn’t forgive his friend, Luke for using the spell that caused him to swap bodies with a woman. Now Kyle was trapped as a hot, horny brunette for the rest of his life. The spell even controled his mind so Kyle acted like the woman whose body he had right now. It was a nightmare, he already slept with a dozen of men and wasn’t about to quit. But now Kyle had the spell and soon he will use it on Luke.

Luke was at school when Kyle casted the spell. Suddenly Luke was back at home. He was on all fours, there was a weird, pleasant feeling between his legs and something heavy was hanging from his chest. His whole body was bouncing as someone was thrusting something inside him. Luke turned his head but the long hair covered his view. He brushed them and saw his father behind him, panting hevily with each thrust. Then Luke caught a glimpse of his reflection. He saw the face of his stepmother Julia. Then he realized what happened as he remembered the spell and what it did to Kyle. Kyle must have used the spell and turned him into Julia in the worst possible moment. Luke couldn’t focus as the pleasure grew inside him. “Oh my god!” Luke screamed terrified but his dad took it as a sign of satisfaction and incresed his thrusts. Luke started to regret his actions. He got what he deserved and now he will spend the rest of his life as a loving wife to his own father, who will satisfy her husbands every need.


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