Sorority Revenge Pt 6 (of 10)

I had grown up reading gender transformation fiction online, but when I went off to college I had insisted that I was going to man up. Thats why I had joined FAP Fraternity- the manliest fraternity on campus. It had been mostly successful. I was down to viewing TG captions only once a week now.

But then I noticed that my frat brothers seemed to be missing, and suddenly a lot of gorgeous women were hanging around the house. It got even weirder when I logged onto OTGC, my favorite caption site, and saw a series about Sorority Revenge that mentioned my fraternity. This all seemed too crazy. So I tracked down Harriet, the hot blonde who had been hanging out around the house. I simply said “I know you are Harry and that something is up”. She suddenly got sort of robotic, and asked me to follow her. I couldn’t complain about walking behind that gorgeous ass either. She brought me into Roger’s old room, where I saw Regina sucking off some guy, who seemed to be transforming into a woman with each thrust into her mouth. Roger’s ex Rose walked out of the bathroom.

“Rose, you don’t know me that well, but my names Oliver. I know that you are using magic to transform men into women.” She looked at me with curiousity, and I gulped before starting the next sentence, since perhaps I was wrong about all this, “I’ve always wanted to be a woman. Please change me”

Rose just smiled. “Well Oliver, my friend Bella who is helping with all the magic told me this might happen. I have the perfect transformation in mind for you, and it will help Bella, me, and my sisters out too. Its good to have someone eager to join the better sex.”

I just smiled. She walked over to a box and grabbed something out. As she was walking back I noticed that the Regina was no longer sucking a man’s dick, but was rather going down on a newly transformed woman. Rose walked up and handed me some lube.

“You see Oliver…no how about Olivia- this is a very special lube. By masturbating with it, you will turn into a woman, and then the energy of that masturbation and future masturbation will help strengthen Bella’s magic. Your sexual energy will help us be able to turn more of your brothers quickly.”

I snatched it quickly from her hand. This was amazing.
“So why dont you sit on this chair and enjoy the show from Regina and her new friend.”

I sat down, put a bunch of lube on my hand, faced towards the lesbian make out featuring Regina, and went to town on my dick. I watched the two lovely women going at each other. But then I became distracted by my own changes. With each stroke something new changed. Long hair. Shapely legs. My ass expanding. Hips. No more body hair. Boobs. (which i promptly grabbed).

But then it became a little harder to grasp my dick. It seemed to be getting smaller. Before too long I was rubbing my very own pussy. It felt amazing. Being a woman had been what I had always dreamed, and it felt better than I could have imagined.

Rose snapped this video of me going at it so I could see my changes. Trouble is that I’m enjoying this too much, and I just cant stop feeling myself.


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