Sassy Escort

When Hank said he needed money for college tuition, he didn’t expect his sister to use magic to change him into a sassy escort, “Don’t worry Hank, I’ll make it easy for you, as not only are you a sexy babe now, but you are ultra slutty and into men now, and hot cock. Soon you’ll be one rich bitch, and have several sugar daddies.”

At first Hank didn’t know what to say, but then as he seen two handsome businessmen come his way, he said, “Oh boys, this way sweeties.”

His sister Jenna laughed, “This looks like the start of a beautiful career for Hank, and serves him right for having his way with my close friend Audrey then dumping her the next morning. Let’s see how ‘he’ likes being used and abused as one of us, as a fully female woman.”


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