Raise denied

After witnessing a bright pink flash coming from her boss’s office, Emily decided to walk in. She was surprised when she walked in. “Who’s this?” she asked her boss. “This is Audrey, she will be working right under you” her boss said. “Excuse me sir, I have to get right to work” Audrey said and left.

Emily expected to find Andrew, her fiance talking to her boss, but instead, she found that woman in her place. “Where’s Andrew?” she asked. “Who?” her boss asked. “My fiance, he came into your office a few minutes ago” Emily insisted. “I don’t know who you are talking about, the only person that has come into my office today has been Audrey. Now if you forgive me…” her boss said and asked her to leave.

A few minutes ago Andrew had indeed entered his boss’s office asking for a raise. But his boss threatened with firing him. His boss said he couldn’t do so. But there was an openning in a different deparment, if he chose to take it, he would get a pay raise, but a demotion inside the company. After some thought, Andrew agreed. His boss, used some kind of flashing device, and transformed Andrew into Audrey.

Emily never found out what had happened to Andrew, and no one in her office seemed to remember him. Although it took some time, since Audrey was kind of a bh, they became friends. And years later Emily started dating a new guy, while Audrey became her boss’s lover and future wife.


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