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Instant Urges Witness Protection

Jeff and Jed were changed to Jack and Jenna for witness protection, and of course, Jenna was having the hardest time adjusting, after all she was no longer the man she used to be, and had to be Jack’s wife no less. When asking about it, they told him, well her, that if she wanted to live that was what she would live as. Read more

Drunken Sam

Drunken Sam closed his eyes and licked his lips thinking he was hallucinating being a busty blonde woman, but it was in fact real, he was just too drunk to think straight at all. When his friend Tim asked for a blowjob upstairs, Sam even agreed, thinking this was just some sort of dream from the alcohol. Once the alcohol wore off however, and Sam had a nasty taste in his mouth, a guy walked into the bedroom he was now alone in. Read more

Sassy Escort

When Hank said he needed money for college tuition, he didn’t expect his sister to use magic to change him into a sassy escort, “Don’t worry Hank, I’ll make it easy for you, as not only are you a sexy babe now, but you are ultra slutty and into men now, and hot cock. Soon you’ll be one rich bitch, and have several sugar daddies.” Read more

Melon to Melons

Ted was in the store, so he just smiled it off when his girlfriend used her magic to give Ted “melons” once he picked up a melon. His new tight shirt was up over them so show him what he had now, and he pulled the shirt back down smiling, realizing his mischief girlfriend Mandy had turned him into a chick. The long hair, and the empty crotch along with the “melons” gave it away. Ted tried to keep his composure in public however. Read more

Ted’s Brain

Ted was in an accident with a busty brunette, and just before going unconscious he remembered seeing her face. When he woke, the first thing he seen was her face, but this time it was in a mirror! The doctors and nurses hadn’t expected him to wake just yet, so were not there to console him in the “changes” that took place. His brain was good, and was placed into the woman’s body, who’s brain was dead. Without this body, Ted would have died as well. Read more

Walk for me

“I am not a woman! I am a man!” I told the woman infront of me when she asked me to wear a thong. “I wouldn’t be so sure” she said while handing me a couple of high heels. I continued complaining while putting the heels on, “Please turn me back. I don’t want to be one of your escorts”. She smiled, a wicked smile, “Darling, please walk for me, I want to see your ass swaying”. I took a small step. I felt my ass moving, and hips swaying. “Oh darling, you turned out really hot. You’ll be one of our most successfull girls, no doubt about that”. I wanted to hate what she was saying, but that made me feel sexy, so I continued walking around the room. I felt my right hand softly touch my ass. I looked down and saw my breasts, bouncing on the same rythm than the rest of my body. Read more