Life with a magic dick is complicated. Sure it means that girls find me hard to resist, but a lot of my guy friends walk in on me on accident and they end up changed. It is awfully hard to make a good friend if I risk them becoming a sex crazed woman if they happen to walk into the bathroom at the wrong time.

I had gotten pretty good at avoiding that, and I was really desperate to have some extra money, so I put an ad out for a roommate. Clark seemed like a nice enough guy. I warned him that I liked my privacy. We had lived together for 2 years and had become really good friends.

But then I realized he was cramping my style. I was having a hard time ever bringing a girl home. I tried to convince him it would be good for him to move out, but he was taking his sweet time doing that.

It wasn’t that I wanted to be mean. I was just really horny. So I grabbed my camera, and walked in on him in the bathroom.

I must say, she turned out gorgeous. And god she was an amazing fuck. I think I might keep her around as a girlfriend for awhile- either way I have this video to keep me going when I get horny.


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