Great Shift: Lives left in chaos

Third day after the Great Shift.
92% of the world´s popualation had been shifted into another body. Some of them swapped with their spouses, some of them changed with their neighbours and others ended up on another continent.
I myself was put in the body of a close friend of my daughter. My real body is now inhabited by a japanese man. It weirds me out every time he speaks, so familiar yet so alien.
My wife and daughter got shifted too. The love of my life, Cathy, is nowhere to be found and her body now belongs to the mind of a kindergartner. My daugther came home in a male body, a couple of years older than her own, which in turn now belongs to the same guy she shifted with.
It is so messed up.

When I heard that the bars had opened again I went to my usual waterhole a couple of blocks away, with some luck old friends of mine would be able to find their way there too.
The situation is still chaotic but it´s slowly calming down, essential services still got priority though. My workplace at the construction site is still closed down.
What would become of me?
I took a long sip on the cigarette to calm my nerves, studying the beer glass in front of me, as if trying to discern how my alcohol my body could tolerate nowdays.


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