Rival no longer

My name’s Mark, or I supposeI should say it was. I was one of the best Piano players in the whole city of Milwaukee. My only real rival was Barney, who liked to get very competitive with me. We often played up our rivalry to get a little extra press for ourselves.

But then one day, he called me up and asked if I’d come over for a private competition. I figured he just wanted to practice so I headed over.

“So heres the terms of this competition Mark- an acquaintance of both of ours, the classically trained musician-Pia James, is going to be our judge. Coincidentally she is also a witch.”

I laughed a little. I thought he was acting weird.

“You see, whoever performs this 10 minute long piece better, will get a spot in a new band Pia is putting together.”

“Fine, I’m in. Always enjoy a good chance to screw you over from an opportunity.”

We both sat down at different pianos and began playing. At the end, Barney missed a few notes. I was definetly the winner. As I stood up, I swiped a long blonde hair out of my face. Then I froze when I realized I had a buzz cut only minutes ago.

Barney and Pia both laughed to themselves. “What we didn’t tell you Mark is that my new band is a girl power themed ensemble. I can’t have a man in the group- which is why you are now transforming.”

I looked down and noticed my luscious body, now in lingerie. But before I could say anything, a now nude Barney had walked up behind me, and pushed me up against the piano.

“Barney, stop…no…I’m a man” was all I could get out.
As his dick entered me, a whole new world of pleasure entered my mind. “Oh god that feels so good” I moaned.
Suddenly my brain was filled with dreams of wanting to marry Barney, and a dream to be in this new girl power classical music ensemble.

“You two lovers have fun. Liz- I’ll see you at practice on Monday.” Pia said as she left the room. But my mind was only on Barney. My lover. My rival no longer.


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