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Penelope Pop

Harry was shocked when the Great Shift placed him in the body of an up and coming new pop singer named aptly enough Penelope Pop. It was more of a nickname, her real name was Penelope Majors, but her nickname was well known. Penelope had one hit single on the radio already, titled, ironically enough, “Shifted to a New Life”. Read more

Rival no longer

My name’s Mark, or I supposeI should say it was. I was one of the best Piano players in the whole city of Milwaukee. My only real rival was Barney, who liked to get very competitive with me. We often played up our rivalry to get a little extra press for ourselves. Read more

Happy Music

Brent was accused of listening to “happy-go-lucky girly music”. He said he liked what he liked, but one new song he got from an old bathrobe guy at the mall made Brent fit more with the music he listened to. It wasn’t just because of the music however, Brent deep down was a girl at heart, and the bathrobe guy just brought it out of him! Read more