Girl’s school @DrVagmire

Out of boredom Joey was wandering around the town without any purpose. He wondered where everybody went. Since they arrived he didn’t see anyone from his team. He was sure he saw his twin brother Ryan heading towards the field, but when he got there he only found a group of cheerleader girls. He got lost in thoughts and accidentally bumped into someone. It was a cute blonde girl, wearing a short, white dress with a flower pattern. “Oh sorry, i didn’t see you. My bad” Joey apologized. The girl looked at him like at someone who seemed familiar. “Are you one of the guys from the soccer team?” She asked. “Yes, why do you ask?” Joey said. “Run. Run and hide somewhere until you still can. They are looking for you” The girl said. Her tone of voice was dead serious. “Huh?” Joey was puzzeled. “Listen, i will try to make this quick. My name is Cloe, althought it wasn’t always my name. I was born as a boy, Colin that was until principal Jonas changed me into a girl. I don’t know how it works but almost all the boys she changes accept their new gender, some even forget that they were boys. You are their next target” Cloe said. “What? That’s impossible. Listen i don’t have time for your crazy stories. I need to find my brother” Joey said and was about to leave but Cloe stopped him. “You don’t have a brother anymore. I saw as they turned him. I’m sorry but now she is your sister, Alyssa. You must…” Cloe suddenly turned. “Oh, hey girls” She said making a big smile when three girls aproached them. “Hey Cloe. What are you doing here?” One of the girls asked. “I was just heading to the store to buy some things my mom asked me to. On my way i bumped into Joey so we chatted a bit” Cloe said. “So this is one of the famous boys” The girl smiled. “It’s been nice to meet you but i have to go. My mom is waiting” Cloe said and left. While passing by Joe she whispered “I’m sorry”.

Joey didn’t have the time to ask what is this about. The girls acted quickly and soon Joey was slowly transforming. His whole body reshaped, making him look like a cute, blonde girl. When his body changed his clothes morphed into a cheerleader uniform. They didn’t explain anything and just left the poor boy confused on the streets. Few minutes later Cloe came back. “How are you feeling?” She asked. “Fine, i guess” Joey said. “Listen, you can still fight it. I know you wont be a boy anymore but you can stay as yourself” Cloe said but Joey was to busy checking out his newself. “Joey? Are you listening?” Cloe asked. “Yeah, sure. Althought you should stop calling me like that. I’m Jenny now” She smiled. “And we lost him” Cloe sighed. “It’s been nice to chat, but i really have to go. My sister and the girls are waiting. Say, maybe you would like to join? As the head cheerleader i can take you to our group” Jenny said but Cloe immidiately refused. Jenny shrugged her arms and went to the field where the girls were already waiting for her.


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