Instant Secretaries

The office secretaries bachelorette party got out of hand, and some were now using a glory hole. Meanwhile at the bachelor party the men were having a blast but only one girl was there for them. Then Ted one of the guys said a wish.

“Man I wish we had big dicks and more girls maybe some hot secretaries like the ones doing that bachelorette party,” said Ted.

Suddenly there was a flash, and the guys felt… well different. They were grasping cocks with long fingernails and dainty hands, while staring at a wall, and tasting them as well! They had swapped bodies with the secretaries at the party, and were blowing random dudes in a glory hole! To make matters worse their new pussies were wet, and they were turned on by cock!

Meanwhile the guys at the bachelor party were freaking out a bit, after all they were now in men’s bodies with some strange skanky entertainment lady. Then Andrea realized she had wished for a big sexy pussy, and more guys to be close to, and she got it, they were close to guys, they were guys, and this chick had a big sexy pussy she was showing off at that party.

The duality of the wishes made it possible with a shooting star, and they were all stuck, not knowing exactly how these wishes were granted. Henry who had made the wish and swapped with Valarie (woman in the middle in the pink skirt), was shocked at the changes, but also never realized just how good a cock could taste until he became a slutty secretary. After tasting his new boss several times, he was on his way up the corporate ladder.


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