Prosti Tutor

Preston was supposed to be Jeff’s tutor for his math class, but Jeff had other plans for him. Jeff had a special spell in mind to become Preston’s tutor instead.

“Preston, I’m going to be your tutor in sexual relations,” said Jeff as he took Preston’s hand.

That hand gradually shrank in size as long manicured nails grew from them painted red, while his hair shot out down around his face, shoulders, and back, breasts formed on his chest, his face rearranged, as his lips thickened and were painted a matching red to his nails. His crotch folded into a pussy and indoor plumbing, as his skin became soft and hair free, and his ass expanded along with his hips, as his waist contracted. His legs got shapelier, and his feet smaller, with red painted toenails, which were soon covered in black fishnet stockings, with red hooker boots. Finally, Preston’s dark glasses turned red, as he was in shock taking it all in.

Jeff said, “Nice spell, you are all mine now, Preston, or how about just Prosti. I’ll call you Prosti Tutor, what a pun.”

Jeff took hold of Preston, now Prosti, and her new thick lips opened in shock as Jeff eased his way insider her. She couldn’t resists, something about the spell made her swoon to his demands, as waves of new female pleasure coursed through her body. Jeff pumped and pumped, rocking Prosti’s tits in rhythm as her ass jiggled along with her ample breasts. Eventually both in pleasure, Jeff came inside her, and Presti shouted in unprecedented orgasm, with Jeff pushing her down to the bed.

“Welcome to your new life as Prosti Tutor, and now my friends and I will use you as our new pupil in all acts sexual. This is what you get for having sex with my girlfriend, and two of my other friends’ girlfriends as well. You were too old for them, as a teacher, but now you’re young and hot for us guys, Prosti. Payback’s a hard thing to take in sometimes, just like I was hard for you to take in earlier, babe,” said Jeff laughing as he up his boxers and pants, leaving the new Prosti freaking out in the mirror with hot cum dripping down her stockings as she stared in shock and horror at the changes and what was next for her. With no ID and no one in their right mind believing she was ever Preston with her obvious new looks she just seen in the mirror, she was stuck with Jeff and his friends, unless she could escape, which she sincerely doubted, they were all bigger and stronger than her, and even if she did, who would she tell, and what would she do? She was in a mess, but realized she never should have had sex with Jeff’s and a few of his friends’ girlfriends either. Now he was their girlfriend, all of them, and when they were done, they would pimp her out for cash.


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