Real Deal

“Ta-da! What do you ladies think? Would I pass inspection?”

“Oh my god! Andrew?” Cassidy couldn’t believe her eyes. Andrew had said he’d been willing to help them out with their roommate problem; he’d always wanted to go back to school anyway; but even in her wildest dreams she wouldn’t have pictured this being the solution he came up with.

Cassidy’s roommate Monica had other ideas. Stepping forward as “Andrea” places her hands on her hips, she felt them up. “Oh my god they’re the real deal”, Monica squealed, bursting into laughter.

“Well…..yes. Magic tends to help in that category.” “Andrea” responded. Noting the long, gleeful look Cassidy and Monica exchanged, “Andrea” blinked. “What?”

“Nothing!” They chorused innocently. A little too innocently.


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