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Prosti Tutor

Preston was supposed to be Jeff’s tutor for his math class, but Jeff had other plans for him. Jeff had a special spell in mind to become Preston’s tutor instead. Read more

Change his grades

“I need your help” my best friend told me. “Sure” I said. I knew Tom wasn’t the smartest guy in school, and he was failing math. So I assumed he wanted me to help him study. “Great” he said as he handed me some kind of drink. “No need to pay me for my services with fancy drinks, I will help you. Cheers!” I jokingly said. My vision got blurred. Read more

Request for @asdf101477

He found it hard to keep his mind off her. The way she walked atop of high heels in that sexy skirt and black pantyhose. No one else was like it. She was definitely his favourite teacher. He sat there trying to do his homework but he couldn’t, his mind was on something else. Her. Miss Longley.
Then boom. Everything changed. The text book, the calculator and his pictures of him with family vanished. The desk was different too. A vaguely familiar piece of writing which looked like an essay or report of sorts was spread on the desk. It was his essay on sociology, the one he handed in two weeks ago. He hadn’t got it back because it hadn’t been marked. It was strange.
He reaches forward with his delicate manicured hand. It took him a moment to realise it but the hand wasn’t is. Further investigation via frisking his body up and down confirmed that he was a she. On his chest were breasts and nothing lied down below.
He sits there shocked and panicked, trying to come to terms with being female. He is a she. It’s not right. It must be a dream.
He continues to observe his now her body. Skirt, sizeable breasts, nice clean shaven legs beneath pantyhose and heels. He kicks the heels off under the desk and let’s his new girly pantyhose covered feet slide across the wooden floor like silk.
He stands and sees a mirror he walks across. It was soon clear that he was Miss Longley. Instantly, he began ripping the clothes off her body. He’d been picturing her naked for eternity finally he would know what she looked like under those clothes. He wasn’t disappointed. She was pure beauty.
After many moments of admiration. He had to be serious. He was Miss Longley. There was no going back. He had to accept it and do her job, mark those papers. He now stared to himself that he was a she and her name was Leanne Longley.
She threw some comfortable clothes on and got to it. She marked paper after paper. Many were quite interesting. She definitely found marking it more interesting than writing. The height of the pile decreased and decreased and decreased until nothing remained. She was done. She could go to bed and enjoy her body.
Time passed, she learnt how to live as Miss Longley. She didn’t want to arouse suspicion so she tried to make it as realistic as possible. She dresses, wore make up and did her hair like Miss Longley. She even taught like Miss Longley. She loves it. Nothing beats being the sexy school teacher in hosiery and heels. Nothing.

Turned on by Students

Harry didn’t know Ms. Laney Passion was into her students. When the Great Shift hit, he was in her body fingering himself with three nude male students, also football players for the school team, bearing the health athletic naked bodies to him! What was worse, he was turned on by them probably just like she was. Read more

Mrs. Johnson

– You wanted to see me, Mrs. Johnson? – David asked as he entered the principal’s office.
– Take a seat, David. – the highschool principal, Lisa Johnson, answered from behind her desk. Read more

Never going to fail again

-“It’s not fair mom! Why can she go to that party while I’m not even allowed to go gaming with my friends?”-
-“Because your sister has passed all of her exams, while you have failed half of them, that’s why! Now go to your room before your punishment gets worse!”-
Hank roughly closed the door and sat down on his bed. It’s impossible that Cathy passed all of her exams, she never studies!
“I wish I knew how she is able to pass all of her exams.”
All of a sudden, Hank passed out.
A very erotical feeling wakes him up. He’s not in his bedroom anymore, but in a classroom! “Oh!”
He starts moaning as you feels the big dick of his math teacher being slammed into his pussy. WAIT… PUSSY??
Hank screams. “Mm yes, I like that.” He hears his teacher say.
As he keeps riding him faster and faster he forgets the sorrows and the impossiblility of the situation.
As he reaches his first female orgasm he starts spasming and cumming all over in great pleasure.
“That’s definitely an A on maths.” He hears his teacher say.
Hank doesn’t care anymore, all he wants is to earn another A like this.

Popular and Important

Harry the nerd wished he would be more popular at school, and Ted the janitor wished he was more important at school. Harry on the left was changed to Hannah, being fucked by the school quarterback. Ted was changed to Tiffany now a school teacher, being fucked by the principal Jeff Jameson. They were both popular with the males in school, and important as student and teacher. As waves of feminine pleasure invaded both their new sexy bodies, they were too overcome with bliss to worry about the new changes to their bodies and lives. Meanwhile the genie laughed, and left, another twisted wish granted.

Miss Bradford

Trent was in shock, Miss Bradford, his biology teacher stole his body indefinitely to learn about male biology she said. He eventually went to her home, and sat on her bed curious. After calming down, he stripped off her skirt, top, bra, panties, and heels, only wearing her large hoop earrings, bracelet, and nude thigh highs she had on. He grabbed one of his massive boobs, while fingering his new equipment. Read more


Victor had been having an extremely challenging day at school. All the exams he as a senior had to take in his AP and Honors classes really stressed him out. He just needed to relieve the stress the only way he knew how. Arriving home to a silent welcome, he knew he had the house all to himself.
He quickly went to his room and began masturbating. He was thinking of his history teacher, Ms. Smith, who’s classes were full of horny guys not paying attention to a single word that came out of her mouth. He couldn’t blame them, he also found Ms. Smith hot. When Victor was almost done, he felt strange and then his whole world spun around, and came to the feeling of a cock entering inside of him.
“Holy shit!” Victor screamed, but his voice wasn’t his anymore, he recognized the voice as Ms. Smith’s. He saw a man on top of him, and it was his school’s principle, Principal Scott. Before he could even react, the principle had filled his, or Ms. Smith’s, pussy with his semen.
“Now remember Ms. Smith, if you wanna keep your job, you should be expecting me at your door at around six o’clock after school.” And with that, the Principle Scott left the room, and then the house which belonged to Ms. Smith.
“Is Principal Scott blackmailing Ms. Smith?” would have been Victor’s first question if his first question wasn’t how he ended up in Ms. Smith’s body. He didn’t know what had happened and didn’t where he could look for help and answers.

Happy to be Miss Peters

As Heath admired his new reflection in the mirror, he realized the mutual body swap with Miss Jessica Peters, his English teacher, was well worth it. He hoped she was enjoying his former body as much as he was enjoying hers! She wanted to be young again, preferably still a woman, but no woman would agree with her for swapping (that she wanted to tell anyway). So when Heath said he admired her body a lot, she took note and thought her womanhood was a small price to pay for being young again, being only 18 again, ready to graduate the following spring and start life all over again! Read more