Peeping Tom

The steam filled the bathroom as Jamie stepped out of the shower, rolling of his hot, well toned body. He wiped the mirror and checked out his 6ft, chiseled body, drying and spiking up his short blonde hair. “Man…that was a good shower! And Fuck, I look good right after one!” He praised, flexing in the mirror and tossing the towel into the basket. But as he was walking out, something caught his eye. Out the window, he saw his neighbour Lauren in the apartment opposite stepping into her bathroom, stripping the clothes from her tight and petite body. “Holy shit! Lauren is SMOKING! I always knew she was packing something gorgeous under her outfits!” Jamie thought. In a heartbeat, he had hidden himself partially and took full advantage of his and her nudity, stroking his warm, growing member, as Lauren began to turn on the water and step into the shower.

“Nnnnggghhh, fuck yeah, Lauren, you’re so hot. God! I wanna shower with that!” He grunted. Suddenly, he felt a tingle all over his body. Determined still, he cranked his cock, unaware of his entire 6ft physique shrinking, his body contracting to a tiny 5″6″. His abs smoothed, arms slimmed and thighs thickened, the muscle mass gurgling as it moved into other parts of his body. “God, my cock feels WAY bigger for some-” He saw tiny hands, adorned with long french tips pumping his manhood, as if a stranger was pleasuring him. But before he could exclaim in shock, the mass pumped into his ass, plumping it out into a tight grabable butt. His hips snapped and cracked outward into womanly curves, his pecs melted filling up his chest with big soft breasts and nipples expanded and grew erect. He tried to stop, horrified at the changes wracking his body, but he couldnt. His girly hands expertly pumped his big cock and in a moment of pure ecstasy, he blew his salty load all over the window. His hands, moving on their own volition, stroked his tip as it shrank and withered becoming thinner and smaller. He tried to scream for help but only managed a breathy gulp as he swallowed his adams apple, no longer the prominent feature of his elegant, slim neck. He furiously began rubbing his head as it formed into his new clit, his balls being swallowed up below into a tight, dampening slit, rising up through his new vagina on their way to becoming the blossoming girls ovaries.

“Mmmm…Oh Gawd~! I gotta get help!…I can’t do this on my own” S/He purred as new lewd thoughts clouded his mind. His short blonde hair started the grow out, tingling his scalp and turning a light brunette colour, tickling his shoulders and waving as her intense pleasuring shook her tiny body. She licked her lips, feeling them plump and swell up to cock sucking softness, her chiseled and defined face, rounding and cracking. She could see a faint reflection in the window between her and Lauren’s almost finished showering peep show. Her nose grew smaller and cute, her eyebrows thinned and darkened. Her eyelashes fluttered and fanned out, her blue eyes rounded and took on a hazel colour. As the almost complete girl climaxed, all remnants of her past male self leaked out her pussy, her mind flooding with memories of loving cock, being Lauren’s bestie and her secret crush on her. As she recovered, the name “Jessica” floated around her head, as she stood up and wiped her fingers clean. Lauren, finished her shower and caught sight of Jessica through the window, waving at her also stark naked best friend. Jessica waved back smiling. Maybe she would have time for one more round before getting ready on a night out on the town with her BFF. If not, she would make time!


Only my second caption but loving finally submitting something to the site for a change 😀 always open to suggestions/trades! Hope you like


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