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Peeping Tom

The steam filled the bathroom as Jamie stepped out of the shower, rolling of his hot, well toned body. He wiped the mirror and checked out his 6ft, chiseled body, drying and spiking up his short blonde hair. “Man…that was a good shower! And Fuck, I look good right after one!” He praised, flexing in the mirror and tossing the towel into the basket. But as he was walking out, something caught his eye. Out the window, he saw his neighbour Lauren in the apartment opposite stepping into her bathroom, stripping the clothes from her tight and petite body. “Holy shit! Lauren is SMOKING! I always knew she was packing something gorgeous under her outfits!” Jamie thought. In a heartbeat, he had hidden himself partially and took full advantage of his and her nudity, stroking his warm, growing member, as Lauren began to turn on the water and step into the shower. Read more

Best Friends Forever

April and I had known each other since middle school. People has mocked us for being a boy and girl who were just friends. It was annoying, but even as we had gone off to college together, our friendship just was not ever meant to be romantic. Read more