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“Oh, come on already,” Alex said whining, rubbing his sore pussy and squeezing one of his large breasts. “I’ve climaxed… mmm… a dozen times and I still haven’t changed back.” Read more

Waking up a Woman

“Mm,” I moaned, rolling over as I slowly woke up, pulling my hand over my chest as I did. At least, I thought it was my chest, but it felt too soft to be right. My pillow must have shifted during the night.
But wait, that couldn’t be right either: I could still clearly feel my pillow beneath my head. So what was on my chest? I opened my eyes, and got my answer. “What. The fuck?” I said, my eyes wide as I stared at the two huge mounds now resting on my chest. “Why is my chest so soft and flabby? It almost looks like I have tits…” My mouth dropped and I squeezed the weights on my chest. “I have tits?” I whispered, not wanting to believe it. “But I’m a dude! I don’t have tits I have pecs and a-” I didn’t finish my sentence before I launched my covers off my body and looked down between my legs. Nothing.
Well, not nothing, but not what I was expecting either. My dick was gone, and instead I was staring down at a vagina. My vagina. “I’m a-a woman,” I said, breathing heavily as I grasped one of my massive boobs. “And if I am…” I said, my attention turning back to the space between my legs. “I might as well enjoy myself.” I slipped a hand into my slit, and began my first masturbation as a woman…

It’s, like, Not What It Looks Like!

“It’s, like, not what it looks like!” I squealed, closing my laptop and jumping onto my bed. My girlfriend had come in through the backdoor and I wasn’t expecting her home so early, so she totally surprised me. Read more

The Stickers

I ran into Jonathan’s room as soon as he left for his road trip. There it was, the safe! I approached the safe with caution so that I don’t move anything else in his room. I started to turn the dial: 23-11-49… Click! The safe’s lock unlatched and its door popped open a little. I knew it! Of course that wasn’t any random number on that sticky note! They were the numbers for the safe! Read more


“I can’t believe it worked!” I whispered with glee as I woke up in my mother’s room, and more importantly, in my mother’s body! I wasted no time pulling her nightie up over her large boobs. They were a bit heavier than I expected, but I loved feeling their weight pressing down on me as I laid facing the ceiling. I reached up, and took one of her tits in my hand. They were so sensitive too! I knew being pregnant and making milk changed a woman’s boobs, but I was 19! I haven’t been a baby for a long time, and I’m pretty sure her tits weren’t this sensitive when she was my age!
I didn’t wait long to investigate the other part of her body crucial in bring me into the world. I reached down her panties, and squealed as I slipped inside. Playing with my body felt good, but this felt great!
I hope Mom’s having as much fun as I am!

Great Shift Behaviors

After Matt and Linda had to deal with their son being switched with a blonde stripper from the Great Shift, they came home one night to deal with even more. Their son, now daughter had purchased a huge dildo and was shoving it into her new huge pussy. Her new mouth opened in pleasure and delight, while Matt and Linda got the shock of their lives, after the initial shock of finding their son was now a stripper. Their son Jeff, now Jessica, was having the time of her life, relieve her massive sex drive for the first time since the Great Shift occurred. Soon she would need more than that massive dildo to satisfy her new body’s requirements for intimacy.

The Weirdest Party of My Life… (PART II)

I woke up the next morning groggy and tired, as if I’d slept for no more than an hour, even though it felt like I’ve been hibernating. Groaning, I tried to sit up but an arm constricted me from doing so. It was a female hand. Then I glanced down at two perky breasts, and the room that I was in. I sat there for a moment and then realized what had just happened last night. My friend Richie had somehow turned himself and me into girls. How? Beats me. And I was now in bed with a girl I did not know in Anthony Carlucci’s mansion. I had to find him quick and figure out what the hell to do. Then the girl next to me started moaning. Read more