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Shower of 6

I can’t believe I was against it. I was taking a shower, when five women broke into my hotel room, and joined me in the shower. “I am a married man” I told them. But they were already naked,they started massaging my body. “Please… stop” I said, but it just felt so good. I felt so turned on, but somehow I didn’t feel a hard on. I tried to make sense of it all, but I felt very sensitive when one of them touched my chest. Read more

TG shower

It is a definite must have. I never thought of having one but the house I bought already had one installed. It was months before I tried it but once I had, I’d wish I’d given it a go sooner. Read more

Fisherman Reborn

Eugene had been a fisherman for fifty years, like his father before him and his grandfather too. His grandfather always claimed it all went all way back to his ancestor in ancient Greece, who seduced an ocean nymph and was blessed with good fortune at sea. Of course, Eugene never believed that. Read more

It’s Not Just the Breasts

It wasn’t just the breasts that were so foreign to Hector after the nuclear meltdown somehow altered his DNA not to give him cancer, but to make him a female version of himself had he been born with XX instead of XY. Sure the breasts and indoor plumbing were strange and intriguing to him, but it was his new thoughts that were the most shocking of all. Read more

How Do They Do It?

“Damnit!” I shouted, my new ass bouncing off the wall of the shower. Again. “How do fat bottomed girls do this?!” I turned around angrily, and my booty bonked into the hose of the showerhead, which knocked all my soaps onto the floor.
“‘Fat bottomed girls’?” said a voice. “Isn’t that word what got you into this mess?” I looked up from the mess on my shower floor and saw her standing just on the other side of the glass: the witch who had cursed me. I had commented on her ass yesterday while at the supermarket, and-wait a minute.
“Your ass!” I shouted, pointing at her rear end and backing myself against the wall, stopping short when my own bottom hit the wall. She turned slightly, giving me a better view of her cute, tight little bubble butt.
“I know, isn’t it great?” she said mockingly. “But I had to put that old thick one somewhere, and lucky for you I didn’t take too kindly to some horny guy calling me a “sexy fat assed babe”, so it’s all yours now!” And with a laugh she vanished, leaving me, and my big booty, to finish my shower.
As I washed my newly lengthened hair I thought “She could have at least given me bigger boobs.”

Art Changes You

Greg and I had found the device while doing some location scouting for our film. As soon as we realized what it did we were overjoyed. Makeup, costumes, actors: the thing would save us a fortune and make the film look far slicker than we could have managed even with that fortune. We briefly considered using it for some porn to help raise funds for other things, but figured that would just be a huge distraction from getting our film done. Besides the economics of it wasn’t right. Read more

Genie Series #6. @tgtime2014

“Hello Genie, I have been single for over 5 years, i want you to send me a woman with big tits, a big ass and a nice curvy body for me to have!” Genie read the next wish outloud. “Mmh…. nice wish, but you didn’t tell me your name. I guess I will call you TeeGee” Genie said and giggled. Genie knew that there were a thousand ways this wish could turn out wrong. The girl he wishes for could have joke size boobs and ass if she gets the wish wrong. “I know!” Genie said excitedly, “I will let him decide. Wish granted”. As usual, Genie transformed herself into a cloud of pink smoke. Read more

Oh Yeah!!!

This bodysuit is fantastic!!! I look and feel like a woman! It’s like every nerve ending on me is attached to the suit, like this is my real skin! Oooooh , this spray feels so nice on my boobs…Hehe, I said my boobs! I wonder how it would feel down…ummm….