Our Vacation

I knew there was something wrong in this island since we got here. Although the first day went on without a hitch, and we spend most of the day resting and swimming, the next few days were as weird as they can get.

The second day, my wife’s voice sounded kind of off, kind of low pitch, and mine a little higher pitched. I caught her looking at some other women. “They are good looking? don’t you think?” she said. I found it kind of odd, but it was even worse that although I knew those women should look sexy, I felt like they weren’t sexy enough.

The next day, I had losen all my body hair, and my wife seemed to have a five o’clock shadow. And that wasn’t all, her face looked kind of masculine, while mine looked kind of feminine. I started to get scared, but my wife seemed to act as if everything was normal. “Maybe it is all in my mind” I thought.

It wasn’t until the next day, when I tried peeing standing up and making a mess, when I realized I was actually turning into a woman. “I have a pussy” I said. My wife, had a cock and no breasts, she didn’t look surprised at all. I took my shirt off, and realized I had breasts. Apart from my short blonde hair, I looked exactly like a woman. A really hot one. That day I borrowed one of my wife’s bathing suits, while she borrowed one of mine. She looked like a celebrity, someone who would turn me on. I tried to think on hot sexy women, but thought of straight sex with her as a woman kept popping inside my mind. “Everything is going to be ok” she told me as we walked to the beach.

The next day, I had long hair, and she had short hair. The transformation was indeed complete, she not only looked like a man, she was a man, and I a woman. “Honey, we have been here for almost a week and we haven’t had sex, come here and please your husband” she said. I was scared, it was like she didn’t remember who she was. I was already wearing a gold bathing suit. I wore some sandals and ran out of the hotel. While on my way out, I noticed I had long white nails “why would woman do this? they don’t look sexy to me” I thought.

As I continued walking aimlessly. I kept thinking about having sex with my husband… I mean my wife… “Shit, the mental changes are kicking inside my mind too” I said outloud. I paused for a second, and ran my hands all over my body. “But I am a woman. And I do love my husband” I said. I felt my nipples get erect, and my pussy somewhat wet. I looked up, and turned around, I could see my hotel, and my husband walking towards me, looking worried, “honey? are you ok?” he asked. I ran towards him, and hugged him. “Sorry for running away, I don’t know what came on to me” I said. “I love you” I kissed him passionately. He carried me all the way back to our hotel.


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