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Our Vacation

I knew there was something wrong in this island since we got here. Although the first day went on without a hitch, and we spend most of the day resting and swimming, the next few days were as weird as they can get. Read more

The Photoshoot

My girlfriend was a professional photographer, and she wanted to do a pool shoot. She wanted to use a girl for the shoot but none of her friend were either what she was looking for or available. I said “sorry babe, I guess it’s not going to happen.” She replied “or will it?!” She snapped her fingers and all of a sudden, my body and clothes started to shift and morph. My face became more feminine and soft. My body became an hourglass shape as my chest expanded to C-cup breast and my butt expanded as well. My hair grew long. Makeup appeared on my face. My clothes morphed into an orange and white one-piece bathing suit. My girlfriend told me to get on the rock and pose, and said “our dates will be here soon and I want to finish this and get ready! I have the perfect dress for you!”