At least the city is safe

Looking at me right now you probably wouldn’t guess that not so long ago I was a though guy. I was a member of special police forces just like my partner who is now my soon to be born daughter.

Our city was over control of a very dangerous drug cartel for many years. Me and the others were doing a great job to destroy them and keep our city safe. The cartel was getting weaker and we were ready to give the final strike. Me and my partner were supposed to scout the base and clear the path for our main forces. Unfortunately we fell into a trap which did something we could never imagine. The cartel was using some kind of voodo or other magic which effects were terrifying. My body was changing until i became a woman while my friend was shrinking until he turned into a ball of light which soon entered me through my newly gained vagina.

After that I couldn’t get back on duty, not in my current state. I got a huge compensation and a new job in the local police. I figured out that the baby I’m carrying must be my partner, I don’t see any other explanation. Now I have other goals in life. I have to take care of my partner and be a good mom for him or rather her since i discovered I’m expecting a girl. Luckily the cartel was destroyed and my daughter will live in a much safer place. As for me I try to stay positive. I know it will be challenging to be a single mother but maybe one day I will be able to find myself a husband who will take care of me and my daughter.


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