One wish for his birthday

Tom’s girlfriend had recently found a genie’s lamp, and since it was Tom’s birthday, she decided to give one of her wishes to him. Tom thought about for a couple of minutes, “Ok ok, I got it, for one day I want to be part of the starwars universe”. The genie pointed at Tom and turned him into dust. His girlfriend got scared, but the genie calmed her down, “don’t worry, she’ll be back in 24 hours”. “He, he will be back” she said. “Whatever” genie responded.

In a galaxy far away, out of blue dust Tom was reborn. He looked at his blue hands, “alright, I am an alien” he said. He felt something heavy on his head. And not only that, he was naked and could see his d-size breast. “I am a woman??? curse you genie!” she said. That wasn’t all, she soon realized she was a sex slave, at Jabba’s palace. Today she will learn what having sex with a giant slug is like.


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