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Strange Taste in Music

Ugh, Mat has the weirdest taste in music. It was nice of him to lend me his ipod while I tanned, but what even is this stuff he put on for me. I guess it was OK as a relaxation mix, but these titles are absurd. “Malleability of the Mind,” “Let the Brain Sculpt the Body,” “Forging of a Goddess,” “Remembering the You that always was,” it just goes on and on and on. Read more

Our Vacation

I knew there was something wrong in this island since we got here. Although the first day went on without a hitch, and we spend most of the day resting and swimming, the next few days were as weird as they can get. Read more

Left Behind

Needing to use up my vacation days I booked a trip alone to an ocean resort. I didn’t want to go alone but being single and my siblings all have families and all my friends were being lame or didn’t have vaca time to use left me with little choice. I decided that since I was going alone the resort was the best choice as I could get pampered and lay on the beach and get sun while checking out the girls. Read more

Sitting on the beach

If you ever make the trip to TG Island don’t be surprised to find dozens of nude women on the nudist beach which is located on the west side.
Here we have Norman. Norman was given a ticket to TG island from his coworkers. Since his arrival he had transformed and now likes to be called Neroli. Neroli had spent the majority of her time on the nudist beach. However, she will not come off her towel. She is afraid of getting sand in her new pussy. But eventually her holiday will end and she will regret never moving of the towel or moving away from the island. After all, Norman’s life is pretty plain.

Vacation Week Extension

Thousands filed formal complaints while hundreds threaten to sue after three days of inactivity from the DreamGirl App’s headquarters. Due to the unexpected surge in users over the previous holiday weekend, the servers crashed, and thousands of guys found themselves temporarily stuck in female bodies until the problem could be repaired. Read more

Vacation of a Lifetime

I should tell you something about myself. I’m kind of a loser. I have a good job but all I do is work. I don’t go out with friends or women or do much of anything outside work. The other thing is I’m approaching fifty and still a virgin. I know, what the hell?! You’re probably wondering how that is even possible. My only outlet is online porn. Read more

Possessed on vacation

Jaden had always loved his girlfriend Allie from the heart. She was stunningly beautiful but would never flaunt her body because she was kind of shy. That changed after visited some Caribbean islands to admire their beauty. They were oblivious to the fact, that some native woman was admiring something else for it’s beauty. Allies body.
They didn’t notice the slightly shimmering ghost which appeared behind them. Suddenly Allie seemed to stumble, or like she was hit by something from behind, but she caught herself and stood still. Her beautiful eyes closed, she looked like she was absorbing new sensations and took some deep breaths. As she looked up again, she had that weird smile on her face and immediately began to release her luscious body from the tight clothes she put on this morning. She began to dance around and seemed like someone, who just discovered how beautiful life could be.
Jaden was stunned. Allie, as the shy girl she was, would never show herself completely naked in public.
After her short and sexy dance, she quickly put her clothes back on and said: “Sorry dear. I got carried away there. Everything is sooo perfect I just wanted to express my joy.” Then she flicked her long beautiful red hair behind her pierced ears with her delicate hand and came in for a sweet kiss.
She was able to impersonate Allie perfectly because she had full access on her memories. Jaden couldn’t tell any difference as long as the woman wanted to.
The only difference was that she started to show off her awesome sexy body and started to put aside her shyness which Jaden didn’t like.
The new Allie didn’t care of course. Alle she wanted was to leave this island and start over her life…

the spanish curse

This is my fifth semester in college. As part of an exchange program, I was sent to spain for a semester. I was having the time of my life. I met beatiful girls, I learned a little spanish, and had lots of sex. Read more